Wii Are Starmen is a 3D Action/RPG coming out for the V in 2013. It is the next generation of the EarthBound series.

New Features

  • You will get to select and play as any chacter from the last three games or make your own!
  • During battles you can aim and swing at enemies with the VGlove.
  • There will be 45 new enemies.
  • You will get to choose your pet's species and color.
  • There is a new main villian.
  • There will be a Wifi feature for online battling.

Returning Features

  • The abilities PSI and PK will be in the game.
  • Adult Ness will be the main character's neighbor.
  • There will be 20 returning enemies.
  • Adult Jeff will appear as a lab assintent.
  • PSI Love and PSI Rocking will appear.
  • Mr. Saturns.
  • Gigyas.
  • Cluas will appear, altougn not as the Masked Man.
  • Lucas will have an evil role.


Porkey traveled though time, screwing things up as usual. He need power, and summoning Gigyas might help him.

5 years later...

Ness has grown up. He now has his own house in Onett. Jeff moved to Onett as well, and they became good friends. You move in, but strangly Cluas falls through a hole in time landing, in front of your house. He explains Pokey made his brother a cybrog, and you need to help stop him. Cluas joins your party.

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