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The Wii 3 Logo

The Wii 3 is a Nintendo home Console, with Help from BabamCircle Games, upcoming in 2018. This new console has the same features as a Wii U, but with a lot of new features. One of the Most Notable, is the 3D Gamepad. You can turn on 3D on your Gamepad like a 3DS. This Console also has a new styled Miiverse.

New Features

3D Gamepad: The 3D Gamepad technology allows you to see your console games in a whole entire 3D! Flick the switch on your Gamepad and if you look at the Gamepad, its 3D without glasses, like the 3DS.

New Miiverse: The Wii 3 Features a newly styled Miiverse. This new Miiverse will allow the access of Ninmoticons, and a new layout. You will also be able to post videos form Wii 3 Viideo.

Viideo: A New Feature on the Wii 3 is Viideo! You can record the game your playing on the Wii 3, and Upload it to Miiverse! Or you can keep it for yourself to watch on Viideo.

eShop Mall: Now you can do Online Shopping for Nintendo Merchandise! This lets you see a lot of Nintendo Merchandise, some that are limited or rarely appear on the eShop Mall.

Ninmoticons: Ninmoticons are new Emoticons that you can use on Miiverse to express your feeling. This also lets you have Ninmoticons for Nintendo Characters, like Mario or Link.


  • Super Mario Sunshine 2
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Queen's Yard
  • Banjo-Wiie
  • Conker's Tall Tales
  • Kirby Kreator
  • Pikmin 4
  • Super Smash Bros. 5
  • Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel
  • Splatoon 2
  • Rayman Master
  • Ice Climbers
  • Balloon Arena
  • Duck Hunt Gallery
  • Virtual Console Games
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii 3
  • Metroid Omega
  • Mega Man GX
  • F-Zero (Wii 3)


  • During the Wii 3's development, The People at BabamCircle Games Codename for the Wii 3 was "Captain".
  • The Wii 3's Original Name was going to Be "Nintendo PowerPlayer" but was Scrapped due to it Resembling Sony's "PlayStation"
  • This game Has a lot of Retro Game sequels on it, only because Fans were going to Nintendo of America and Begging for new Sequels to old Games.

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