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WiiSmarts Inc. is a company that produces fanon games. Some of it's most famous projects include Super Smash Bros. Clash and the Super Nintendo series. For awhile the company was infamous for it's lack of working fan-fictions, but a new once has been announced after four were proposed. The current mascot of the company is Toad.

Some of it's major upcoming releases are Super Smash Bros. Clash, Sonic Dash, Mega Man Wii, Mario & Luigi: Criminal Hunt, and Super Mario Revolution.


WiiSmarts Inc. began making games in October 2007, starting with the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Clash. They followed up with the announcement of Ice Climber DS and Ultra DK. A fan-fiction called Super Mario Fate was proposed, but canceled.

WiiSmarts Inc. continued to announce games frequeantly, giving new games to many series with games such as Sonic Dash, Bomberman and even releasing a new series called Super Nintendo. A fan-fiction involving the Super Smash Bros. Series was started but canceled.

Toad started appearing all over WiiSmarts merchendise and was dubbed the unoffical mascot of WiiSmarts Inc. Later, this became the offical mascot.

In Summer 2008, WiiSmarts Inc. revealed they would be producing the next installment of the Mario & Luigi series in conjuction with Shroobz Inc. called Mario & Luigi: Criminal Hunt. Later they stated that there is a developement team working on a new and original concept for a game, and that the hero may replace Toad as the mascot of the company. The result of this was Epsilon. As of whether Timmy will be the mascot of future titles is uncertain.

Currently, WiiSmarts Inc. is helping created a CGI film adaption of Kirby based off of Kirby Wii. They also annoucned a new fan-fiction named World War Wario.

Game Library





Super Mario Fate

The first annoucned fan-fiction by WiiSmarts Inc. was called Super Mario Fate. Originally considered as a game, they thought a fan-fiction would be intresting so they tried it. A plot summary was made but no real chapters were released. Evenually it was canceled and the summary was released online before being removed later.

Mario vs. Wario series

Perhaps the most famous of the canceled series, the Mario vs Wario series involved Wario moving into the Mushroom Kingdom and the promblems he caused. The series was inspired by the Litle P and Sandslash Series and parodied it sometimes.

The series mostly focused on the supporting characters rather then Mario or Wario specificly. The series featured "The Super Koopa Gang" (a parody of The Three Amigoes from Litle P), a group of Mac the Koopa, Bowser Jr. and Jr. Troopa. Also featured was a Toad named Toadster, inspired by a character from the Mario comics. There were 7 annoucned stories, only 3 of which were actually made. These were...

  • Toadette's Missing Earnings - The first story where Wario helps solve a mystery he staged to be excepted in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • The Super Koopa Gang - The story that introduced Ashley and the Super Koopa Gang.
  • Ashley In Love - a story where The Super Koopa Gang give Ashley a love potion by mistake.
  • Iced - A planned Christmas story where the Ice Climbers appear in the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser kidnaps Peach.
  • Red Hot Racing - a story where the characters compete in a Mario Kart race.
  • Diary of a Teenaged Toad - A journal where Toad writes. Also done in a Litle P story.
  • April Fooled - Plot never finalised.

Smash Destiny

Smash Destiny was a fiction that had two short parts released. They starred Kirby and Mewtwo, although were set to involve many more. Knuckle Joe and Meta Knight also appeared and had other character like Link, Fox, and Marth. Inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series, it had the Nnitendo universes merged by Mewtwo.

Hyper Fusion

Hyper Fusion was announced with only characters and that it would be a crossover revealed. After a long time it was not updated and later turned into World War Wario. It was to feature characters named Dark Fox and Dark Luigi (unrelated to Shadow Luigi).

World War Wario

The recently announced fan-fiction named World War Wario is set to be a redoing of Hyper Fusion.

Other Major Projects


WiiSmarts Inc. has announced a film adaption of Kirby Wii to be released April 2009. It will be distributed by 20th Century Socks.