WiiAchieve is a system of achievements that give points to its players. For example, one achievement may be like: "Beat the Game! - 40 WS". The points earned from these achievements are called WiiScore. The first known Wii game with WiiScore was Henry the Moose: Warfare. The second was Midnight Rush and the third was YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time. WiiAchieve is a lot more popular now, having it included in a lot more YoshiEgg, Henry, and Nightwolf games.

WiiAchieve Channel

A downloadable channel for the Nintendo Wii is available for free. This channel allows you to see every achievement you have got over all your WiiAchieve compatible games.

Games with Achievements

Any page in the Games with WiiAchieve category, will be added here automatically.

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