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Wigglytuff did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

#040 Wigglytuff
Wigglytuff's artwork for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
Category Balloon Pokémon
Original Region Kanto
National Dex Nr. #040
Kanto Dex Nr. #040
Johto #045
Hoenn #139
Unova #283
Kalos #121 (Mountain)
Generation 1
Pokémon Color Pink
Type(s) Normal/Fairy
Ability/ies Cute Charm, Competitive
(Hidden: Frisk)
Average Height 3'03"
Average Weight 26.5 lbs.
Evolves From Jigglypuff
Evolves Into N/A

Wigglytuff, The Balloon Pokémon, If it's angered it can increase it's body weight into enormous sizes. They evolve from Jigglypuff via being exposed to a Moon Stone.


Despite its cute demeanor, Wigglytuff are sometimes known for being very aggressive and Double-slapping anyone that gets on their nerves.


Amalgam Online

AO Wigglytuff

Wigglytuffs are a wild species found on several worlds that can be domesticated by any player for use as a war pet. Capturing a Wigglytuff requires a Poké Ball as usual. Like in regular Pokémon games the Wigglytuffs gain experience as they battle. Both the Igglybuff and the Jigglypuff can also be found in the wild. 1% of encountered Wigglytuffs will appear as Shiny.

Dangerous Wilds

The Wigglytuff make their only appearance in the Urth series in this fanon-themed side-sequel to the original Monster Space. Here they can appear in environments similar to those they can be found in in true Pokémon games. The player can find and wield Poké Balls to capture them for use as battle pets. They will learn techniques over time and, while they can only remember 4 attacks for battle, these can be switched out at any time from a drop down menu between battle.

Pokémon Bronze and Copper

A Wigglytuff is a catchable Pokémon for the Fienna Regional Pokedex.

Pokémon Dramatics

A Wigglytuff by the name of Wiggly is the Star of a Pokémon Sitcom Pokemon Dramatics.

Pokémon Predator & Prey

Wigglytuff is expected to reappear in this Pokémon game due to the creature's popularity. They would be appearing as prey animals.

Ultimate Showdown

The Wigglytuff is a Pokémon available for selection by the Kanto Trainers and Johto Trainers (both ♂ and ♀ versions) in this massive battle royale game. With all four characters, the creature can be evolved first from an Igglybuff via killing 5 characters using it, and again from a Jigglypuff by using it to kill an additional 10 further characters. Wigglytuff has access to all of its learnable moves available to it, which is a major difference from official Pokémon games in order to help make them more competitive against other characters, but they still have the same amount of PP available for every attack. PP is regained an ability of the Trainer known as Mobile PokéCenter.

Although only cosmetic, the player can select Shiny colors at will when selecting their team to deploy into the game as either trainer.




National Pokédex
← #039: Jigglypuff
#040: Wigglytuff
#041: Zubat →
Pokkén Tournament 2
Fighter Pokémon 006MS Charizard 015MS Beedrill 025MS Pikachu 025LibreMS Pikachu Libre 026MS Raichu 040MS Wigglytuff 057MS Primeape 068MS Machamp 094MS Gengar 122MS Mr. Mime 141MS Kabutops 150MS Mewtwo 150ShadowMS Shadow Mewtwo 181MS Ampharos 207MS Gligar 210MS Granbull 212MS Scizor 245MS Suicune 254MS Sceptile 257MS Blaziken 271MS Lombre 282MS Gardevoir 306MS Aggron 359MS Absol 386MS Deoxys 395MS Empoleon 428MS Lopunny 445MS Garchomp 448MS Lucario 453MS Croagunk 460MS Abomasnow 461MS Weavile 491MS Darkrai 532MS Timburr 539MS Sawk 569MS Garbodor 571MS Zoroark 609MS Chandelure 631MS Heatmor 648MS Meloetta 654MS Braixen 658MS Greninja 689MS Barbaracle 700MS Sylveon 709MS Trevenant 727MS Incineroar 739MS Crabrawler 750MS Mudsdale 758MS Salazzle 763MS Tsareena 783MS Hakamo-o 792MS Lunala 795MS Pheromosa
Support Pokémon 011MS Metapod & 249MS Lugia 038MS Ninetales & 429MS Mismagius 050MS Diglett & 104MS Cubone 069MS Bellsprout & 556MS Maractus 082MS Magneton & 195MS Quagsire 083MS Farfetch'd & 101MS Electrode 129MS Magikarp & 417MS Pachirisu 131MS Lapras & 495MS Snivy 133MS Eevee & 657MS Frogadier 196MS Espeon & 197MS Umbreon 295MS Exploud & 684MS Swirlix 316MS Gulpin & 439MS Mime Jr. 337MS Lunatone & 338MS Solrock 381MS Latios & 717MS Yveltal 385MS Jirachi & 547MS Whimsicott 468MS Togekiss & 479MS Rotom 488MS Cresselia & 643MS Reshiram 587MS Emolga & 653MS Fennekin 686MS Inkay & 781MS Dhelmise 701MS Hawlucha & 732MS Trumbeak 772MS Type: Null & 778MS Mimikyu

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