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The ink is in my eyes! I will prevent Klooper's freedom for what he's done!
Wigglus the Great, Klooper's Quest for Freedom

Wigglus the Great
Wigglus used to be a childhood friend of Klooper, but he now wants revenge.
Full Name Wigglus the Great
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Main Weapon(s) Tramples over people
Ability/ies Headbutting
King Wigglus
First Appearance Klooper's Quest for Freedom

Wigglus is a 17 year old Wiggler who used to be a friend of Klooper around the age of 11. He followed him when Klooper wanted to go and enjoy life, and was his friend until he was accidentely squirted at with ink. He is considered devious like Klooper, but a lot more than Klooper. Klooper used to look up to Wigglus, but they stopped being friends. Wigglus has become king and now seeks revenge.


Wigglus used to be a nice wiggler, but since he stopped being friends with K_Bloop otherwise known as Klooper, he turned his personality around. Now he only seeks revenge and is slowly building a custom empire of enslaving creatures to receive his revenge.

He loves being in charge, and wants his place on the throne to never end.


He doesn't have much abilities, he mainly uses his minions to attack. However he can headbutt and trample over people if that counts for something.


He lost all his friends from going power-crazy and going mad over his revenge for Klooper. He does not mind not having friends, as long as he eventually gets his revenge.


As you can guess, he only has one enemy in mind, from being squirted with ink in his eye, being Klooper the Blooper.


He was crowned king from a close friend passing on the throne, of course they aren't friends now, but when they were he felt really confident with it. Wigglus then had him banished from the kingdom, never to see him again.

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