The Pen Maker


"There are many kinds of people in this world you will meet. Ya got the serious ones, the lazy ones, the wise ones, and the very silly ones, like me!" -Wiggles


Wiggles is a 33-year old pen maker who assists Tingle on his journeys to sell maps, or find rupees. She tries her best to protect him at all times from the most dangerous monsters of the land, to the most silliest, and harmless creatures of Hyrule. (Even a butterfly.)


Wiggles once a hardworking secretary that hated her job, ad her (old) cranky boss.

She felt like something was missing in her life, and never felt like herself every time she worked. Wiggles always wished to claim a career where she can

be who she always wanted to be.

One day, after leaving work, just before she head home; she encountered Tingle lying on the soaking wet ground in the pouring rain. Panicking, she thought he was dead, until she poked him with a stick she found lying around a couple of times, and he woke up.

They slowly became friends every day, as they always visited the same spot every night, and began to know each other since then.

After Tingle finds out about Wiggles's hatred for her job as a secretary, and her

Wiggles got her name when she was once tried to protect Tingle by a wild Chu chu, and began to wiggle out of fear as she was shielding Tingle with her body. (Tingle found it humorous)hobby of making pens, Tingle had the idea of giving Wiggles the offer of becoming his pen maker. Each time he ran out of ink, or his pen breaks, she will be there to fix it for him, or create a new one if there was no remedy.

And when he was informed of how much of a coward Wiggles is, he confirms her as "The most cowardly Tingle he ever laid his eyes on".

Sure there were always times where these two fought, and times where they were either bittersweet, or simply sweet. But, they always help one another, bond, be themselves, and cherish every moment with one another; and that's what Wiggles finds her new job as his penmaker "a treasurous jewel."


Like Tingle, Wiggles carries a Tingle suit, but instead of her outfit being the same exact colors Tingle's outfit has;

hers are inverted. And, she carries a little heart charm on her Tingle hoodie, which turns on like a flashlight with just a little touch.

Her hair is light green, she has yellow eyes, light skin, tiny bucked teeth, and one beauty mark on each side of her cheeks.

She is actually 2 inches shorter than Tingle, yet they both have the same weight, due to how pudgy Wiggles is.

Like Tingle, her body shape is round, yet a wee bit curvy; Mostly resembling a chibi form.

When not wearing the suit, her round ears can be seen; Which indicates that Wiggles is a human.

Wiggles carries a pouch, which is filled with ink bottles, and pen pieces for her journeys with Tingle. She also carries some bandages incase Tingle gets any scrapes when he falls from his balloon.


  1. Wiggles's real name is Jane Dane, which the name "Jane" is inspired by Jane from Disney's Tarzan, and Dane from the dog breed; "The great Dane". Both of these names are combined due to personalities of both elements; Jane having the habit of getting into trouble (Which Wiggles eventually DOES get in trouble with either the monsters, or with Tingle, which causes their eventual fights) and the great dane is affectionate; like Wiggles is to all of her friends.
  2. Wiggles's creation was never planned, and she was rather created just for fun rather than becoming an actual fan-character like she is now.
  3. Like Tingle, she has a pet; but instead of being a canine, her pet is a cat who is called "Purry", due to how the cat purrs frequently rather than meowing like other cats.
  4. Wiggles's backstory was going to ivolve her being in prision due to being mistaken by a burglar, but due to that idea being taken by Tingle in "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" the idea was scrapped.
  5. Her voice is high pitched, and soft-toned, yet her voice sounding alot like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
  6. Her phrase was going to be "Koo-chi-muah!" Which takes inspiration of Tingle's phrase "Koo-Loo-Lim-Pah!", but was later scrapped to prevent any trouble. So for now, she has no phrase\"Magic words".
  7. She was born\created in April 27th.

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