This is the fourth world of New Super Mario Bros. ULTIMATE. It is jungle themed and introduces the Wiggler Suit. Clearing the world's castle unlocks Yoshi. Iggy Koopa is the boss of this world.

World 4-1

Mario starts out by a small hill with some blocks and a lot of coins. Mario must hit the middle block and a Wiggler Suit will come out. Mario must hop to the top of the hill and cross the lake, getting to the checkpoint after avoiding some Hammer Bros. on islands. Mario is invincible to them, but getting hit can knock him backward. The poison works like quicksand, making Mario sink if he stands too long in it.

World 4-2

World 4-A

World 4-3

World 4-4

World 4-Fortress

World 4-B

World 4-5

World 4-6

World 4-C

World 4-Fortress 2

World 4-7

World 4-8

World 4-9

World 4-10

World 4-Fortress 3

World 4-11

World 4-Ghost House

World 4-12

World 4-Castle

World 4-Airship

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