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Wies Village
Greater Location Kraj
First Appearance Olive (2017)
Latest Appearance Olive (2017)
Current Inhabitant(s)
Krajan laborers
Location Type Village
Included Environment(s)
Temperate hills and forest
Notable Resident(s)
Olive Kasza
Emyla Uto
Cazten Mina

Wies Village is a small laborer community within central Kraj, and the starting location of Olive. The village is nearby Jasny Forest, the location of a Keepers' Ruin. It is also a short distance from Foxtail Ravine, another Krajan settlement famous for housing Prism Mine.



See main article, Keeperbyrth.

In Utomina, the location of Wies Village was known as Keeperbyrth, the training ground where all potential Prismkeepers lived from a pre-teen age and studied to hone their special craft. The site was chosen for its close range to Tower Beta, one of the five Utominian Prismkeeper bases. The Capital Master Keeper, Resonati Kasza, was born in Keeperbyrth, and led the training at Tower Beta later in his life.


After the rebirth of the land and the founding of Pangaia, Wies Village became a site claimed by mine workers looking to live a distance away from the caves, and start a little economic growth of their own. By the time that Olive Kasza is living in the village, Wies has become a Krajan market center and is beginning to shed its mining heritage despite its continuing poorer-class status.


  • When translated from Polish to English, the word "wies" becomes "village." Kraj as a region was at one point heavily based on eastern European cultures.



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