"You are my source material... And yet, you are the greatest threat to my mission. If our superiors could see you now, they would kill you without remorse."
Widi, to Fera

Full Name Project PARASITE Subject W1-D1
Current Age 9 months (21 biologically)
Date of Birth January 7th, 7,056
Gender Female
Species Terran/Coronite
Current Status Alive
Terran Government
Main Weapon(s) Energy Manipulation Staff
Ability/ies Advanced athletic abilities

Manipulation of plasma Regenerative properties

First Appearance Heroforce

Widi is one of the 64 playable characters in Heroforce, and the first character involved with Project PARASITE in the series. She is a synthetic organism developed by the Terran government to replace Fera as Terran Hero, and contains genetic code from both her and Lucius.


Widi retains many of the traits that made her original counterpart, Fera, such a well-rounded soldier; she's loyal, determined, and skilled in combat. However, Widi is programmed to not only have complete loyalty and obedience towards her superiors, but to also lack any form of compassion on the battlefield, taking delight only in following orders.

In essence, Widi is little more than a robot with higher-than-normal levels of autonomous thinking. While she follows orders from her leaders without question, she does have a goal in mind completely of her own volition; murdering her genetic source material, Fera.






Fantendo Sports Resort






  • The name Widi was originally created by Exotoro for use as Fera's doppelganger, but the actual concept behind the character was later used for the original Heroforce game by creator Pyrostar, leading to the canonical design of Widi.


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