Wicked Nature is an Adventure game for the Wii and is the first installment in the Wicked Nature Series. It is being made by Wand Co.. It uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Wicked Nature
Developer(s) Wand Co.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Oct. 6, 2012
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Media Included Wii Disc


It was a time in the distant future. Long ago, the devil had unleashed beasts. Hideous creatures that terrorized the land, air and sea. Scorpions that could jump 30 feet into the air, wolves that could dent metal and scratch glass, sharks that could drag the mightiest warship into the sea, and many more. The residents of the world had formed a team, a team that would help get rid of these hideous monsters. What they didn't know was that they had to defeat the monster of monsters. They had to fight a sea monster, which led to their downfall. With the team gone, the world is overrun by monsters and mutants. But three animals do not like this behavior and were bent on keeping things in balance. They were Scar, Razor and Snipe. 3 monsters that see things differently than the other monsters. You see, these 3 have intelligence, the other monsters just attack each other and do whatever they want. They think about things and they knew that this was not meant for the world. With that, they all sped off to defeat Titan, the Sea Monster.

Gameplay & Controls

There are 30 levels, and a number of that is assigned to each creature. You play a different gameplay style depending on the creature you play as. Scar has a Deadly Creatures-like gameplay, Razor has a Sea Monsters-like gameplay, and Snipe has an X-Men The Official Game-like gameplay during a Nightcrawler interlude. For Scar and Snipe, you need a Nunchuk, but for Razor, you only need the Wii Remote. The Nunchuk is optional for Razor, but isn't required.


  • Control Stick: Move
  • Z Button: Guard
  • C Button: Leap
  • A Button: Attack
  • B Button: Shoot poison
  • Swipe Wii Remote: Attack with pincers
  • Overhead Swing Wii Remote: Stinger attack
  • Thrust Wii Remote: Sideways tail smack


  • Pointer: Change direction
  • A Button: (Hold) swim. Double tap for Extreme Speed
  • B Button: Attack
  • Swipe Wii Remote: Sharp turn in the corresponding direction
  • Double Tap A at Surface: Jump Attack


  • Control Stick: Move
  • Z Button: Rage Attack
  • A Button: Jump
  • B Button: Light Attack
  • C Button: Heavy Attack
  • 2 Button: Action Button



A purple scorpion with deep red eyes. He is a deadly fighter in close combat.


A green shark whom is a massive threat underwater.


A red wolf with devastating strength.


A large, black scorpion with a passion of thwarting evil.


A gargantuan sea serpent with an appetite for destruction.

Echo Interlude

In some levels, you will meet a scorpion named Echo. He is also trying to defeat Titan, but has different intentions, which are unknown. But Echo thinks that you are just another monster without any conscience. You then have to engage in battle with him. If you win enough times, he will eventually realize that you have conscience as well and will assist you in defeating Titan. If he assists you in fighting Titan and you win, he will become playable. Echo is much stronger than Scar but is not as fast and cannot jump.

Titan Battle

When you get to the end of the game and battle Titan, you switch between the 3 monsters (4 if you defeated Echo enough). You start out as Scar and quickly make your way towards Titan on land while Titan throws giant rocks at you. If they hit you, it will cause massive damage. But when you make it to the edge of the ocean, you leap onto Titan and attack him with your stinger. You need to repeat this again and then you switch to Razor. For Razor, you are swimming around in the ocean with Titan and you need to find the correct area to attack him in. You need to attack him in the tail, body and head in that order. All the while, Titan will be attacking as well. When you successfully bite him on the 3 areas twice, you switch to Snipe. Snipe is running across a desert area and there are many harmful attributes to it. If you make it across, you leap at Titan and claw and bite his head. If Echo is with you, he will sting Titan on the back of the neck for additional damage. You need to do this 3 times to finally defeat Titan once and for all.

Enemies & Bosses


A brown arachnid that are Titan's basic soldiers. They can attack with their stingers or their pincers.


A dangerous insect with giant teeth. It is powerful despite being the first enemy you encounter.

Poisonous Vegetation

A toxic plant that spreads poison spores to harm you.


A slithery reptile that bites you and tries to squeeze you.


A bird that swoops down and tries to rake you with it's talons.

Mutant Barracudas

Rotten fish that will attack Razor in swarms.

Hell Turtle

A massive, shelled reptile with great speed and weight. It will try to crush you and run you over.

Mutant Deer

Deer that have been released by the devil. They will try to ram you with their antlers.


A more powerful version of the snake.

Mutant Wasp

A giant wasp that tries to kill you by any means possible. From stinging you to dropping you to calling in brethren.


A scorpion that tries to crush with it's massive pincers.


A many-armed marine creature that attacks by whipping it's tentacles at you and jumping on you.

Giant Rat

Goliath rodents that try to crunch you in it's jaws.

Living Tree

A moving tree that hits you with it's branches.


1: The Arrival

In this level, you take control of Scar in a dense jungle as you try to find your way out. It is filled with beetles and poisonous vegetation.

2: Dash

In this level, you become Snipe and you attempt to assault the creatures of Lava Mountain. There are snakes and eagles in the area as enemies. You must fight a boss here, it is a red turtle with amazing speed and weight.

3: Sink or Swim

You become Razor in this level and swim through the ocean to catch up with Scar. There are many monuments that stand in your way and you must swerve left and right to avoid them. There are also mutant barracudas in the level and they will all try to gang up on you.

4: Regroup

In this level, you control Snipe again and head back towards the Everlasting Rock. It is in the same area as Scar was in, except all the beetles have been replaced by mutant deer and the poisonous vegetation has been replaced by anacondas.

5: The Watchers

In this level, you play as Scar and have your first encounter with Echo. If you succeed in defeating him, he will retreat and you only have to beat him 2 more times to unlock him. If you lose, he will walk away and you won't be able to use him.

6: Burning Disaster

In this level, you take control of Razor and try to collapse the Lava Mountain by attacking it's base and occasionally the top. If you try for 10 minutes and it doesn't break, then a second shark identical to you will assist you in collapsing it. After you destroy it, you need to avoid the onslaught of the eagles and make your way to the goal.

7: Thrash

In this level, you become Scar and you must fight a mutant wasp. It attacks by picking you up and dropping you and it also tries to sting you with it's tail. It also calls in some weaker brethren to fight you.

8: Wipeout

You take control of Snipe and you need to leap from rock to rock as you try to make it to the Gray Forest. there is one enemy per rock and it is always an octopus.

9: Eagle Hunt

You play as Razor and try to hunt down the 7 eagles in the area. You will have won when you've eaten all 7. The Jump Attack is unlocked here.

10: Death Run

You play as Snipe and run through the Gray Forest, all while avoiding the giant rats and living trees. You will have won once you make it to the end of the forest.