Who Is The One True Mario? Nintendo Civil War is a recently released game for the WIII and Wii. It connects Countdown to Final Smash Bros, Final Smash Bros. Rainbow Road, Mario Mysteries, and Neverworld The First with Neverworld The Second and the upcoming World War Nintendo.


Randy and Lotey Crysaline have set off on an important mission, given to them by Eternity Silver. They must hunt down the vigilante Krisis Kord and his assassin bodyguard, Grinning Guy, who have been murdering various members of Eternity's top-secret organization SILPH. Eternity gives the Crysaline brothers a Smash Ball each, granting them a strong amount of power. They then set off after Kord.
Eventually, the Crysalines track Kord to his secret lair underground. They confront him, and he surrenders. However, this is a trap- the Crysalines drop their guard, so Grinning Guy (who was hiding behind them) could open fire. Lotey uses his Smash Ball and brings down the ceiling on Kord while Grinning Guy flees.
The two brothers escape from the lair only to discover that Sunnyscythe has returned and is menacing Castle Street. They try to defeat him, but a Mario imposter appears and shoots Sunnyscythe point-blank.

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