This is Gravity Falls. Time to exterminate.

Who? A Gravity Falls Adventure is a side-scrolling, action-adventure RPG. It features Dipper Pines, Mable, and The Doctor. 


It's a normal day until a rupture in the time flux changes a little history. During the activation of the Portal Doomsday Device in Not What He Seems, a flaming machine (revealed to be the TARDIS) flies out. The P.D.D. collaspes on itself, sucking the Mystery Shack in. The Pines family and the man (revealed to be Doctor Who) awake surrounded by Daleks. It is here where the first fight begins. Afterwards, they introduce themselves and team up to get back home.

Playable Characters

Dipper Pines: A young, energetic boy with no-sense of adventure and a short-temper.

Dipper's Status

Speed: 10

Attack: 3

Def.: 4

Immunity: 0

The Doctor: A mysterious Time Lord. He is known as one of the greatest heroes of all time.

The Doctor's Status

Speed: 100

Attack: 20

Def.: 15

Immunity: 80

Mabel Pines: A young, energetic girl who prefers pllaing pigs over saving the fabric of reality.

Mabel's Status

Speed: 80

Attack: 6

Def.: 7

Immunity: 3




Weeping Angels

Emperor Daleks

Red/Black Daleks

60s Daleks

Movie Daleks

Grunkle Stan Clones


Bosses (In-order)

Time Baby

Cyber Man King

Dracula (Doctor's Universe)

Dracula (Dipper's Universe)


Big Manly Ice Warrior

Ood Freedom Fighters

The Master (Final Boss)


  • Batman was going to be a charcter, but this was scrapped.

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