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129px-Whittle NSM64WSuper Mario Galaxy 2, Whittle Artwork
Species Origin Wood (?)
Rarity Common
Alignment Good
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2
Latest Appearance Mario Party 9

Whittles are tiny creatures made of wood. They make their debut in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They appear in numerous galaxies as helpful characters with often simple yet incorrect grammar. Their name is taken from the word "whittle", which means to carve something out of wood.

Game Appearances


Main article: See here.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japenese モックmokku from 「木」 moku, meaning "wood"
Spanish (NOA) Tronquito Little trunk (tronco + -ito), also a pun with tronco (man or guy in a friendly way), which they usually say at the end of their dialogues.
French Kopo from copeau, meaning "woodchip"
German Borku from Borke, "bark"
Italian Ceppetto from Ceppo, "stump"

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