White Lord
White Lord
The White Lord, ruler of light and darkness.
Full Name White Lord
Current Age Unknown
Gender Unknown, possibly genderless
Location Velo City
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Magic powers
Ability/ies Flight, magic powers
First Appearance City Rush

The White Lord is an antagonist in the City Rush series. Its gender is unknown, but it is commonly referred to as male. It appeared in the series' first game, City Rush. In the game, the White Lord took over Velo City. He also planned to capture Striko and keep him in the Underworld, the White Lord's home.


The White Lord looks like a cloak without a body wearng it. The White Lord's sleeves have a black, flaming pattern. Its black hands appear to be a part of the sleeves. The inside of it is black. The hood is white.


The White Lord used to be a happy human boy, but when he went to the Underworld, he changed. It is now a lonely ghost, seeking companionship. It can easily convince anyone anything, almost like hypnotizing them. It has a controlling nature, but is quite patient, as it waited hundreds of years to its homeland to develop into Velo City.

It's shown to be a powerful mastermind, capable of forming complicated schemes. It has a great sense of planning and is prepared for almost anything. With its cloak-like body, it can dodge physical attacks. It retaliates quickly. It loves to see the anguish in people's hearts and seems to feed off of it. It prefers to kill its enemies slowly and painfully.


The White Lord has not always been a ghost-like creature. Hundreds of years ago, it was a happy human boy. He lived in a small village with his friends and family. They abandoned him, and so he went to the Underworld. As the years went by, the boy was losing his human features due to extreme loneliness. Soon the boy transformed into what is now the White Lord. It began to think of a way to bring everyone into the Underworld so it wouldn't be lonely anymore. Soon the White Lord learned that happiness will turn it back into a human. The White Lord waited for many more years, watching the village turn into today's Velo City. Later, it planned to drag all of the huge city into the Underworld, and everyone would live there.

To put its plan into action, the White Lord created minions and ordered them to reek havoc in Velo City. The White Lord stayed in the Underworld and schemed how to suck in the entire city. It searched into the spirits of the city's civilians to look for anyone that could stop it. It found that a chameleon named Striko had the potential to wreck its entire plan. It ordered its minions to find Striko and bring him to it.

The White Lord decided to hide its schemes behind Velo City's regular crime. It even disguised some of its minions as regular street thugs. It gave the minions the ability to speak and think. It also created monsters to help lead the vast number of creatures.

Also, the White Lord manipulated a cat named Sabrina, who had been resting for thousands of years near Velo City. It lied to her, saying that it had a vision, and what it saw the chameleon causing destruction of Velo City. It continued its lies by saying that that only Sabrina had the power to stop him.

Powers and Abilities

The White Lord is considered to be immortal, as it seems to have aged so much that its body has disappeared. It also uses magic powers. A less common trait of the villain is the ability to fly. It is always seen levitating, but it will fly only on rare occasions. It also gets around by teleporting, which it also uses in battle.

The White Lord can also control both light and darkness. However, it is more associated with darkness. Its only light attack is the Color Shot, where it shoots a rainbow-like beam at the enemy. Its darkness attacks include shooting shadowy projectiles, a claw attack, and temporarily putting the enemy to sleep.

The most difficult attack to avoid is the White Lord approaching Striko and trying to envelop him in its cloak-like body. Failure to avoid this attack will make Striko lose half of his remaining HP.

Game Appearances

  • City Rush — The White Lord is the main villain of the game. He plans to take over Velo City and drag it into the Underworld.
  • Fantendo Corruption - The White Lord's first appearance in years. It and Unten are the main antagonists of the game. It is a fast and powerful character.