How dare they?
This planet is mine and mine alone.
They must be afraid to come after me.
I will resist them.
Everything will be fine.
I will do this for them.
The ones I love.
For I will be the ultimate Lantern.
In brightest day, in brightest night, all darkness will dread my might; virtuous energy of all life ignite, shine forth my power - the Lantern's Light!
Trent Morrow, upon becoming White Lantern.

White Lantern
Full Name Trent Oliver Morrow
Current Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Suicide Slums, Metropolis
Align Good
Current Status Doling out justice as White Lantern
Class Hero Trainee
Main Weapon(s) White Lantern Power Gloves
Ability/ies White Lantern Gloves
Vulnerable To Nothing
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality Straight

Trent Oliver Morrow, nephew of T.O. Morrow, is the founder and sole member of the White Lantern Corps; while an emotionally conflicted person, his uncle wanted to create life, but he chose to wield it.


Early Life

White Lantern: In Brightest Day

Non-Canon History

Injustice: Year Five

Injustice 3



  • White Light Power Gloves -
  • White Lantern Power Battery -
  • Entity Containment & Summoning Equipment -
    • Butcher -
    • Ophidian -
    • Parallax -
    • Ion -
    • Adara -
    • Proselyte -
    • Predator -


  • Flight - Like all Lanterns, Trent can fly with the use of his White Lantern gloves.
  • Light-Energy Constructs - An ability which makes the different Lantern Corps stand out among the rest of the heroes, Trent can create hard-light emotional energy constructs to aid him in combat and everyday deals; with the unlimited charge his White Lantern gloves have, only Trent's imagination limits his construct possibilities.
  • Energy Projection - Although Constructs are the primary Lantern projections, Trent can fire beams of light from his gloves; unlike most Lantern light blasts, however, Trent's blasts are very powerful compared to other Lanterns, as he draws on all 7 emotions at once.
  • Light Force-Shield -
  • Lantern Ring Reprogramming - As Trent has mastery over the 7 different emotions of the Electromagnetic Emotional Spectrum, he can reprogram any of the 7 Lantern Rings into White Lantern Rings, should he wish. This is how he can recruit more members into the Corps, although he hasn't found many worthy of the mission.
  • White Lantern Abilities -
    • Life Plasma
    • Energy Absorption -
    • Emotional Instillation -
    • Construct Twin -
    • Emotional Supercharge -
    • Phasing -
    • Invisibility -
    • Crystallization -
    • Interstellar Travel -


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