White Lantern: In Brightest Day
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) Nintendo NeXt, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Age Rating(s)
M (Mild Blood, Violence, Mild Languange, Suggestive Themes)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Free Roam.
Engine Unreal Engine 4
White Lantern: In Brightest Day is an action-adventure title released on multiple platforms; with a four-act plot featuring multiple tied-in storylines, this tells the tale of Trent Oliver Morrow's transformation into the ultimate Lantern, his journeys, and even a duel with Nekron himself!


While most of the cast consists of Lanterns (known or not), it also features new members of the Justice League, the Society (Villains United) and even lower-level heroes and villains.

Main CastEdit

Though the cast is large compared to most DC games, there is a consistent main cast throughout the game. 

Name Faction Voice Actor Description
Trent Oliver Morrow White Lantern Corps Josh Keaton

Though initially Trent Morrow was unsure of what to make of the different Lantern Corps, he eventually came to his own conclusion: the Guardians of the Universe couldn't be trusted to keep the universe safe; they had bungled the job many times: Volthoom the First Lantern, the Manhunters, even the Green Lantern Corps on some occasions - all failures, courtesy of the Guardians. They didn't even see the Blackest Night coming because they thought it was a fairy tale! With this in mind, Trent is setting out on his own quest: re-establishing the White Lantern Corps by creating a White Central Power Battery; with armor shaped from an old Manhunter, Trent is setting out to bring a new dawn to the Lantern Corps!

Uniting all 7 emotional energies into one focal point, Trent succeeded in bringing about the return of the White Lantern Corps, though he remains the sole member; intending to succeed where the Guardians failed, Trent, now the new White Lantern, is ready to ally with any forces necessary to ensure that life in the universe continues to exist and intergalactic criminals get locked up!

Kilowog Green Lantern Corps Kevin Michael Richardson Drill seargeant for the Green Lantern Corps, Kilowog quickly found himself training Trent in the use of Lantern Constructs.
Arkillo Sinestro Corps Robin Atkin Downes Though Sinestro gave him and the Corps orders to leave Morrow alone, Arkillo has been making several attempts to kill Trent behind Sinestro's back.
Larfleeze Orange Lantern Corps Dee Bradley Baker Infuriated at Trent using his "shinies" to create a White Lantern Central Power Battery, Larfleeze is unsure of what to do about the new Lantern. 
Atrocitus Red Lantern Corps Ike Amadi Seething at the new Lantern for crossing his Corps, Atrocitus is angry at the new Lantern's seeming belligerence, though he remains frightened of Trent's power.
T. O. Morrow Life of Tomorrow Jens Anderson Trent's insane uncle, Thomas Oscar Morrow (better known as T. O. Morrow) became obsessed with creating life from his mechanical andriods, after his last android, Red Tornado, gained sentience and joined the Justice League; though Thomas never really interacted with his nephew (since he's a criminal and can't call, because obvious reasons), he does acknowledge Trent's existence, as most of Trent's technological expertise comes from his uncle's tutoring.
The Joker Joker's Gang Mark Hamill Batman's main archenemy and the Clown Prince of Chaos, the Joker has vexed Gotham City for years and years, always leaving a wake of death and destruction behind him, usually in a clown or card-based theme; but Joker's been forging alliances with various Arkham rogues recently. For what purpose, though? One thing's for sure: it is not going to be good for Gotham.
Brainiac Legions of Brainiac Corey Burton A technological collector with a determination to claim all knowledge in the universe (or multiverse), Brainiac has tried multiple times to claim the Earth, only to be met with significant resistance from both the heroes and the villains; he hasn't given up yet, and his latest attempt shows to be his most aggressive.
Krona The Third Army Clancy Brown One of the many examples of the Maltusian race, the same race that spawned both the Guardians and the Zamarons, Krona was locked up in the Oan Sciencells for his intense avarice and obsessive need to create an empire by forcing his will upon others; Krona even suffered defeat at Trent's hands when he took the Energy Battery and Gauntlet from the rogue Maltusian to create the White Lantern Battery! Krona's really angry, and it doesn't help that the Guardians are using Black Lantern rings to create a Third Army, an opportunity that Krona is patiently waiting to take advantage of...
Trigon Seven Deadly Enemies of Man Joe Mandia An interdimensional demon feared for his power and known to spawn many demons each representing the Seven Deadly Sins, Trigon has been trying to destroy Earth's dimension for years and years, only to be thwarted by various obstacles, including his own daughter, the Titan Raven; but with his Sons gaining more and more power, it's only a matter of time before this fearsome demon rises again.
Nekron Black Lantern Corps Robert Kraft The lord of the unliving and absolute monarch of all the dead, Nekron has been around for millenia, existing back when there was a completely dark void where only he was and where he reigned surpreme; but when all life came along, he was locked in the land of the dead and forced into exile. Though he succeeded in returning in the Blackest Night prophecy, he was stopped by the first White Lantern Corps; he hasn't given up on returning, though, and it may just be sometime soon.

Emotional EntitiesEdit

Though the Entities all belong to other Corps, Trent relies on them to fuel the White Lantern Central Power Battery, as well as for his Entity Assault attacks.

Name Voice Actor Description
Butcher Fred Tatasciore
Ophidian Steve Blum
Parallax Dino Andrade
Ion Troy Baker
Adara Dawnn Lewis
Proselyte Laura Bailey
Predator Tara Strong


Act 1: Battery Not Included (yet)Edit

The game opens on the Moon, with Trent standing by a large machine, contemplating the odds of his recent misadventure: his quest to bring about the return of the White Lantern Corps, but with a functional Central Power Battery; noting that all he has are a small army of OMACs, Morrowbots and a couple Manhunters, Trent considers how he will hold off against the assault of the seven Lantern Corps closing in on his location. While he tells the 7 entities to prepare themselves for the "energization process", he looks back on the events that caused this "necessary event".

Flashback Start

It started 4 months ago, in Gotham's Otisburg district; a square-off between the Green, Yellow and Red Lanterns cost over thousands of dollars in damage, as well as many lives - civilian and Corps members alike. Trent was there to witness the collateral damage, and decided to do a little investigation. Grabbing a nearby Green Lantern device, he took it back to his apartment and decoded all the data he found on it: Lantern Sector maps, the Corps Oath, even the history of the Corps and the Guardians of the Universe; studying up the Guardians' history, Trent was appalled at how they were allowed to keep defending the universe, considering their track record had permanently marred their trustworthiness - Volthoom, the first Lantern? Nearly drained the entire Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. The Manhunters? Malfunctioned and murdered almost 4 vibrant life-filled sectors. The Green Lanterns? A police force with plenty of crooked cops like Sinestro in them. Reviewing this knowledge to the letter, Trent could only surmise one conclusion from the data - the Guardians of the Universe were "guardians" in name alone; they couldn't keep the universe safe because they were too high and mighty to see that emotions could actually be the key to protecting the universe. Reading further on the "Blackest Night" report, he came up with an idea "so crazy it just might work" - use the emotional entities to recreate the White Lantern Corps by making a White Central Power Battery. Building a suit out of OMAC parts, LexCorp Gladiator parts, and a Manhunter's frame, Trent made the suit capable of long-range deep-space traversion; ready to go on a journey, Trent left to complete the first phase of "Operation: White Light": gather the necessary supplies from the Lantern planets of Ysmault, Okaara, Qward, Oa, Odym, Nok and Zamaron.

Though Trent's midly suppressed Obsessive-Compulsion wanted him to visit the Lantern planets in order of the rainbow's colors, he decided to approach the different Corps planets due to differing danger levels: Nok, Odym, Zamaron, Oa, Qward, Okaara and Ysmault. As for the trips to the planets, they were pretty repetitive: infiltration, scuffles with some Corps members, a 2-in-1 clash with the Corps Leader and Liutenant, and eventually a short battle with the Emotional Entity that ended with Trent coercing it to use its energies to help bring a new force into existence.

Flashback End

After the Battery was charged, a sudden error occured that forced Trent to make an internal repair, otherwise the Battery would self-destruct and take the Moon with it; though he succeeded in repairing the Battery, Trent was trapped inside when the White Lantern Power Battery filled with energy. Though the various Corps got to see the White Lantern Central Power Battery get fully charged with energy, none saw the man who made it; just then, a bolt bursted out of the Lantern's core. That bolt was Trent, now supercharged with the energy of White light; now ready to lead the White Lantern Corps (which was only him), he had to deal with some obstacles in this endeavor: the Lantern Corps that had him surrounded. Kilowog, Atrocitus, Arkillo and Larfleeze all were waiting for either an explanation, revenge, or just getting their shiny back (I'm sure you guys can figure out who wanted what). Engaging them, Trent fought and defeated all of them, forcing their field leaders to agree on a treaty with the new Lantern: they don't bother him, he doesn't bother them. With that said, each corps departed for their homeworlds; as for Trent, he goes back to Earth to see what he could solve with his new powers (and remaining recruit OMACs and Manhunters).

Act 2: Joker's PunchlineEdit

I'm pretty sure Batman's seen worse gang wars than this, but this is pretty bad.

Two weeks later, White Lantern's been cleaning up the streets of Gotham City pretty well, even setting up several bases on Arkham Island (the Tomorrow Loft on the highest point the main building, the Tomorrow Shelter in a on-island viaduct, the Tomorrow Bunker in the unused south garage and the Tomorrow Lab in a secret wing of the Asylum -  each serving a different purpose) to monitor Gotham's supercriminal contingent safely; he even placed the White Lantern Central Power Battery in Robinson Park so life could thoroughly flourish, as a beacon of a bright future for Gotham.

Eventually, the relative peace (if you can call it that) was broken by a newfound gang war on the streets; turns out the Falcone family came into some Apokoliptian weapons, and that gave them the confidence to move into the territory of Penguin, Black Mask, even Two-Face. And Joker even took their side on it. Both Batman and Trent knew it beared further investigation with the Joker involved, and they found out that Joker was forging an alliance with the Falcones, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, and even Poison Ivy (due to her friendship with Harley Quinn) for some ulterior motive. While Batman and his allies investigated the alliance, Trent dealt with the fallout:

  • First on the agenda was the raging gang war with a new member: the musclebound Bane, who brought an entire gang with him in his return to Gotham; after interrogating Bane's thugs and confiscating their supply of Venom, he found Bane's Venom Supplier, Diego Martinez and arrested him, with Nightwing's help. Tracking Bane down to the Cape Carmine Lighthouse, Trent and Nightwing had to deal with both Killer Croc and Deathstroke (the Falcones had hired them to take out Bane) as well as a vengeful Diego; eventually they got to Bane, but Bane managed to trap Nightwing beneath some rubble before the fight. It was a close fight, but Trent got the upper hand; after Nightwing got clear of the rubble, Trent patched him up. After Bane was arrested, Batman and Trent spoke about upcoming investigations, only for Trent to get a call, from Two-Face of all people:
    • Trent: Hey, Oracle; got anything?
    • Two-Face: I'm not Oracle, but I do have something for you; two things, to be exact.
    • Trent: ...Two-Face? What do you want?
    • Two-Face: Well, Lantern, I've found one of the Penguin's main smuggling operations. What's say we roust that bird from his roost for the good of Gotham?
    • Trent: Since when do Arkham inmates and gang leaders care about the good of Gotham?
    • Two-Face: Well, let's just say that sometimes Harvey Dent wins the coin toss.
    • Trent: ...Alright, but I got my eyes on you. Both of you.

Finding Two-Face in the Gotham's old subway tunnels, Trent temporarily teamed up with the bipolar ex-DA to root out Penguin's operation. (NOTE: Ingame choice dictates story progress; Hush and Bane's stories being switched around depending if you go either left or right) After going through a bit of a fork in the road, Trent encountered Bane, who teamed up with Penguin for the moment in hopes of finding the one who tampered with his Venom supply; with a brief scuffle, Bane went down, with Two-Face noting that he would sympathise if "drugs weren't illegal". Making his way deeper into the trail, Trent met up with Two-Face, only for "Two-Face" to be revealed as CLAYface, who Penguin hired with promise for a cure; defeating Clayface, Trent ended up having to deal with Two-Face's henchmen, after Two-Face turned on him after flipping the coin. Eventually, Trent found Penguin in the main chamber, with Hush backing him up; after taking down both Hush and Penguin, Two-Face echoed again that "sometimes Harvey Dent wins the coin toss" and thanked Trent for his help.

Later, Trent got word of Joker testing out a new Toxin at Amusement Mile's fairgrounds, so after he "coerced" the formula out of Harley Quinn, he went to a nearby attack by the Joker's clowns, only to find the Riddler up to his old tricks; going from point to the next point, he found hints left by the Riddler that pointed to a hidden Joker testing site, where Joker was testing a new line of J1N1 robots, made in a similar manner to Red Tornado, the android designed by... Trent's uncle, T.O. Morrow; though suspicious, Trent dismissed it for the time being. After saving the Riddler from Joker's assasins, Trent had his suspicions confirmed - his uncle was working with the Joker, but he was using Joker for his own ends to save his own skin with an "Ace in the hole"; knewing exactly where his uncle was hiding out, he immediately headed to Ace Chemicals - the source of Joker's toxin and his uncle's headquarters.

Arriving at Ace, Trent managed to infiltrate the factory, after dealing with the living chemical weapon Chemo and his spawn the Chemoids; sneaking past the guards and all other manners of experiments that his uncle was working on, he finally got to his uncle in the main office (through the hopes of talking him into surrendering):

  • Trent: Look, Uncle, I know you're not the League's biggest fan, but do you honestly think Joker is going to let you live after what you pulled? You'll be safer on the Watchtower than here, in Ace.
  • T.O. Morrow: And do you honestly think I care? For crying out loud, I have my own private facilities, an army of henchmen, and several biological weapons at the ready, should Joker decide to come marching in. Trent, I have it covered.
  • Trent: And in case you haven't noticed, your private facilities are a run-down toxic cesspool in Gotham's least tended-to neighborhood. There's no way --
  • Answering Machine: You have one misssed call.
    • Joker: Morrow, you foul beast, this isn't funny! Get out of my lab! If you've ruined the ass groove in my favorite chair, you are a DEAD MAN!!
  • Trent: ...And my point is made for me. Can we please get out of here now, Uncle?
  • T.O. Morrow: ...Alright.

(More Coming Soon)

Act 3: The Battle for EarthEdit

Act 4: Sins of the FatherEdit

Act 5: War of the LightEdit

Act 6: Home TurfEdit

Act 7: Fight for the LightEdit

Act 8: In Blackest NightEdit


White LanternEdit

Name Speed Damage Output Description (with Construct Combat Combo Moves)
Light Claws Fluid-Medium Low Wielding a pair of fighting claws attached to his wrists, Trent fights with agility and maneuverability, able to slash and slice through most defenses with ease; these claws work well for foes that are well-armored, and the fighting style that comes with it is pretty good for beginners.
  • Leaping Tiger - A bouncing claw attack that dazes several foes.
  • Cheetah Dash - A rushing slash that can do critical damage to those it hits.
  • Panther Lunge - A leaping slice that can break any attack blockers.
Boxing Gloves Fast Medium Though not as armor-piercing as the Light Claws Combat System, the Boxing Gloves can subject foes to quick and dazing combos and special combo moves that knock them out before they can even react. Combos like these work well for the biggest and toughest of enemies, as they go down before even knowing what hit them.
  • Starry Uppercut - A sparkly uppercut that floors foes from the shock.
  • Charging Jab - A strong lunge that breaks attack blockers.
  • Chained Punches - A swift combo that drains the health of tougher foes quickly.
Dual-Wield Axes Medium Moderate These twin weapons are quite hard to wield, but do enough damage to make up for the lack of fluid speed; the moderately-swung chops make even foes wielding shields feel the pain, and the Tomahawk Toss technique often knocks a foe down after usage.
  • Tomahawk Toss - A ranged attack that knocks foes down with the sheer force of the weapon.
  • Cross Chop - A close up slicing technique that can break shields.
  • Lunging Chop - A leaping spin slice that knocks down foes using ranged attacks.
Energy Blasts Slow High These slow-but-powerful hand blasts unleash the energy of life through long range blasting techniques. Though this style is difficult to master, it can interrupt many ranged opponents, like robots or turrets.
  • Solar Flare - Creates a giant orb of energy that is then slammed into the ground, creating a damaging shockwave.
  • Eclipsed Explosion - Detonates an orb of energy, but shields it first, creating two explosions: one from the shield, one from the orb.
  • Force Beam - Shoots a continuous beam of energy that forces opponents away.
Hammer Slow Very High This physical fighting style is the epitome of bone-breaking levels of damage; hammer swings can do craptons of damage to all kinds of enemies, granted if there's no interruption in the attack. But most hammer techniques are capable of stunning foes with a single hit, so Trent has time to get the attack going.
  • Home Run - Lifts foes up into the air with a quick sweep, then knocks them out of the park with a hammer swing.
  • Doom Spin - Swings the hammer around in loops, severely damaging all foes in range.
  • Earthquake Smash - Leaps up into the air, bringing the hammer down, and creating a damaging fissure.
Light Spear Fast Moderate A dexterous and rapid fighting style, the Light Spear can swipe through foes no trouble at all, including the fast-moving martial artists; it's not very ranged, so it's important to keep things close, so ranged foes don't get the drop on Trent.
  • Whirling Dervish - Spins the staff rapidly, stunning foes and continuously damaging them.
  • Downward Slam Combo - Quickly slams down twice, knocking down and breaking any attack blocking.
  • Blade Runner - Rushes forward with the staff extended like a jousting lance.
Construct Bow Fluid-Medium Low Inspired by Green Arrow's archery prowess, Trent developed a combat system based around archery involving arrows in both combat and ranged abilities: the bow works as a melee weapon, while the various arrows keep foes at bay in range.
  • Bomb Arrow Storm - Unleashes a Volley of explosive arrows that break attack blockers.
  • Grapple-Arrow Slam - Jumps up, shoots a grappling-hook arrow with line, and rapidly pulls forward, slamming down.
  • Trick Arrow Barrage - Shoots a variety of trick arrows that stun, block-break or knock down foes.
Light-Guns Fast High Taking a cue from Deathstroke's vast munition supply, Trent decided to end up wielding construct firearms to fight tons of enemy varieties; though his basic playstyle consists of a Light rifle and twin construct semi-auto handguns, he whips out the bigger guns.
  • Forward Assault Volley - Rolls forward and shoots rifle rapidly, then switches to fully-auto twin pistols and follows up with a chain-grenade launcher.
  • Munition Attack Combo - Softens foes up with a mortar cannon, then unleashes a minigun to soften foes up to a flamethrower, then a mini-nuke.
  • Bullet Barrage Whirlwind - Unleashes four construct miniguns, and spins rapidly, mowing down any foes in a storm of bullets.
Power Battlesuit Fast High

During Brainiac's assault, the digital tyrant attacked numerous sources of superhuman power during his war on Earth, each for the sake of constructing an Avatar to harness that power: Tech, Meta, Magic, Speed, Light, Quantum, Atomic and Nature. Each source of power has its own properties, all of which converge into a battlesuit that Trent forged to fight Brainiac at the Nexus of Reality; he didn't use the battlesuit often after that, but whenever the situation is dire enough, he equips it and wields all power at once.

NOTE: This combat system is only usable in certain stages, and comes equipped with all combos when obtained.

  • Tech Barrage - Trent wields the tech cannon on the suit and with the aid of suppresor turrets and a missile launcher, unleashes a rain of hailfire on foes with the full power of Technology.
  • Meta Strength - Through the Meta power of the suit, Trent uses the massive strength and obliterating heat-vision to wipe out every foe in close range.
  • Magic Invocation - Invoking a powerful magic spell through the mystic suit pieces of the battlesuit, Trent uses the occult forces to brutally assault foes with the mystic forces of both Order and Chaos.
  • Speed Paradox - Tapping into the Speed Force, Trent runs so blindingly fast, it creates a powerful Speed Force rupture in the enviroment, which pulls foes in then collapses, destroying any enemies caught.
  • Light Construct - Using his raw Lantern power, Trent creates a massive construct which can cause massive damage if used right.
  • Quantum Vortex - Wielding the power of both Time and Space, Trent shoots an orb, which creates a Quantum Vortex that uses gravity and temporal power to pull foes in and explode with reality-rending force, doing tremendous damage.
  • Atomic Blast - Using the molecular power of the suit, Trent splits 3 atoms at once, creating a wide-range atomic explosion that obliterates all foes within the blast range.
  • Natural Storm - Summoning the power of the elements, Trent shakes foes up with a powerful earthquake, blasts them with volcanic eruptions, shocks foes with a lightning storm, raises them up with a couple tornadoes, washes them out with tsunamis, then ends them with an avalanche (both rocks and ice).

Name Use Original Corps Description
Life Plasma
  • Healing the wounded.
  • Tripping Foes
Red Lantern Corps
Energy Draining
  • Extending Charge time
  • Weakening Foes
Orange Lantern Corps
Emotional Instillation
  • Solving Puzzles
  • Dealing with Enemies
Sinestro Corps/Blue Lantern Corps
Light Constructs
  • Combat
  • Solving Puzzles
Green Lantern Corps
Light Manipulation
  • Phasing through walls
  • Avoiding Enemy Detection
Indigo Tribe
  • Creating Armor/Shielding
  • Guarding Allies
Star Sapphire Corps
Corps Recruits Call-In
  • Summons OMACs
  • Summons Morrowbots
  • Summons Chemlings
  • Summons Brainiac Sparks (After Battle for Earth)
  • Summons a Manhunter (rare)
White Lantern Corps

Power Corps Description
Eviscerating Chain Red lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gsv Launches a chain at a single foe, latching onto them and pulling them forward for a combo with construct blades.
Lacerate Red lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gsv Swings a construct blade around and around, slashing all foes within range.
Outrage Red lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gsv Swings a flail around, viciously damaging foes in the vicinity; can be comboed up with an extra measure.
Pickpocket Orange lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gtb Hits foes with a gigantic grabbing hand, increasing their loot drop amount upon defeat.
Safecracker Orange lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gtb Drops a safe on a nearby group of enemies, scattering loot afterward.
Heads-or-Tails Orange lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gtb Launches a giant construct coin at foes, which damages on impact; if heads, coin becomes a mine that blows enemies to bits and leaves loot behind. If tails, coin increases their loot drop amount by double.
Scary Surprise Yellow lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gr4 Unleashes a barrel of horrors upon foes, causing them to panic uncontrollably.
Insectoid Swarm Yellow lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gr4 Summons a swarm of construct bugs, that distract nearby foes from attacking.
Monster Skeletons Yellow lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gr4 Summons 2 gigantic skeletons as back-up.
Knight's Approach Green lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gq7 Jousts forward on horseback, with a lance extended.
Refrigerator Crunch Green lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gq7 Drops a construct Refrigerator, which scatters construct food around, dealing splash damage.
Light Weights Green lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gq7 Throws several construct weights at foes, dealing crush damage.
Inspiration Blue lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gry Fill yourself with Hope, increasing Critical Attack Chance and damage output.
Triage Blue lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gry Focus your emotions, healing yourself over time.
Hopeful Shield Blue lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gry Use the Blue light to temporarily generate a powerful shield, absorbing incoming damage.
Transparent Surprise Indigo lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613guh Turn invisible, then surprise foes, knocking them down.
Speed Booster Indigo lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613guh Rush forward at light-speed at foes, knocking them back on impact.
Phase Attack Indigo lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613guh Slip through one foe, stunning them, then attacks another, greatly damaging them.
Crystal Gun Violet lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gu4 Briefly shoot a handful of crystal shards, that do damage over time.
Heart's Desire Violet lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gu4 Create a Heart construct, which imbues you with the violet light, healing yourself fully, but greatly draining the charge time of the gloves.
Heartbreaker Violet lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d613gu4 Creates a giant heart construct, then shatters it, greatly damaging foes caught in the blast.
Entity Assault White lantern corps symbol fill by mr droy-d61ffiy Viciously attacks enemies with one of the 7 emotional entities, each having different attack patterns and aftereffects on foes.

Hub WorldsEdit


Faction Name Classes Leader Description
Joker's Gang
  • Madcap (Goon)
  • Stooge (Armored)
  • Lunatic (Brute)
  • Dolt (Technician)
  • Wag (Brawler)
  • Full House (Enforcer)
  • Harley Quinn (Lieutenant)
  • Lefty & Righty (Bodyguards)
Lexcorp Forces Lex Luthor
Trigonic Demons
  • Envy Demon (Goon)
  • Greed Demon (Armored)
  • Gluttony Demon (Brute)
  • Lust Demon (Technician)
  • Sloth Demon (Brawler)
  • Wrath Demon (Enforcer)
  • Brother Blood (Lieutenant)
  • Sons of Trigon (Bodyguards)
Brainiac Legions
  • Brainiac Spark (Goon)
  • Brainiac Subjugator (Armored)
  • Brainiac Analyzer (Brute)
  • Brainiac Wing Armor (Technician)
  • Brainiac Bounder (Brawler)
  • Brainiac Sunstone Domineer (Enforcer)
  • Brainiac Guardian (Lieutenant)
  • Brainiac Sub-Avatars (Bodyguards)


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