Back in 2015, I actually took this series seriously. This wasn't ever a troll, but I quit it a while ago so yay me. Just wanted to confirm that in case any of you were wondering. I've changed a lot in 2 years and am 69% smarter.


Character artwork featuring his modern design.

White kirby-0

Something I found off of google images thatbecame something to represent White Kirby.

White Kirby is the main character in The Air Ride Series.

White Kirby competes in the city trial matches with the other Kirbies, and gets angry at Blue Kirby for always taking his pieces. By the way that's his only personality trait because TARS does not have characters with developed personalities.


White Kirby is basically a recolor of Kirby. His body is colored white, and he has black feet. This look is used for Kirby's white palette swap in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Kirby Air Ride. He has a few features that make him look a little different from Kirby. He also does not use standard kirby eyes, instead using basic white dots for eyes. He also has a unibrow for some reason. These features are minor but


White Kirby has become infamous on Fantendo for being one of the worst characters on the site. Not only is he a terrible OC, due to the fact he is basicaly a recolor of kirby,  but many people accused him of being a shameless knockoff of White, another character on the site. According to series creator Poyo Ride, this was most likely due to the fact they were both White Kirbies, and similarities in names, as it was quite common on the TARS wiki for White Kirby to be shortened to "White", which was the same name as the character he was accused of ripping off. However unlike White Kirby, White actually has a personality.

White Kirby's series, The Air Ride Series, was also under fire due to the fact it involved several mature themes. It has racked up a substantal amount of comments due to these controversies.


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