The White Cat is the machine driven by the dutiful crew leader: Jody Summer. It was completely designed and built compliments of the Galactic Space Federation in order to ensure a set of high-end safety specifications and performance-boosting pulled through for the finished product. In order to guarantee pilot
White Cat
safety, the White Cat underwent various expert-grade tests in it's prototype stages such as gravity and atmosphere tolerance as well as resistance to greatly varying levels in temperature. With these tests a success, Jody's first and only F-Zero machine should be unmatched once she eventually masters the art in the years to come.


  • Body: C
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: A


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The White Cat makes several appearances in the game. It appears in Jody Summer's battle entrance, and is also used for her Final Smash. In addition, the machine can be seen racing on the Mute City stage.

F-Zero U

The White Cat returns once again in F-Zero U, and has been tweaked to have a slightly improved top speed.

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