White Ark Channel is a television network owned and operated by PCast Broadcasting, a subsidiary of Pyro Enterprises. Inspired by the likes of Cartoon Network and Disney XD, White Ark is designed primarily as an entertainment channel, specializing in cartoons developed by various writers.


White Ark was first conceived by Pyrostar (tbc) during a discussion about the current state of the cartoon industry, and its reliance on reboots of older shows as well as low quality original ones (most notably live-action shows for the latter). This lead to the idea of creating an original TV network, built around avoiding those disliked concepts in modern cartoons and allowing writers to broadcast shows of their own.

The channel first went on the air on September 12th, 2016, announcing its first show, Cat's Meow. On the same day, Lone Planet Productions announced that they would be making shows for the channel to tie into their various projects.

Shows Broadcasted

Name Description Writers Air Date
Cat's Meow Cleo- a normal 19-year-old archaeology student, studying ancient Egyptian culture and hoping to make it big someday with a groundbreaking new discovery. After the discovery of a long-lost tomb dedicated to a cat-obsessed priestess alongside her professor, her dream seems to have been realized... But not without a price. After a series of robberies and strange dreams, Cleo comes to the realization that she's been possessed by some form of cat-like spirit, a mischievous force using her body for its own thievery and pranks. When a series of chaotic villains arise from similar possessions, Cleo is forced to team up with the spirit inside her body and use her cat burglar skills to help fight crime; that is, when she isn't forced to cause it. Pyrostar (tbc) Unknown
Craftendo Craftendo follows the story of Prince Icing Johnathan Wray Eggerton the 4th, as he deals with the crazy happenings that happen in the land of Craftendo. From drugs to bombs to corrupt governments, Ice and his accomplices must always deal with crazy stuff. LegendaryIce (tbc) 5/27/17
Yggdrasil's Gift The world tree named Yggdrasil has been the home of humanity since time immemorial. However, it is not completely tame. Humanity knows nothing of its western side, where monsters roam freely and the sun is only visible in the final hours of the day. Seeking new lands to cultivate, exploration parties have begun setting out on adventures, battling monsters and the more greedy humans while earning their fortune. A widow named Chrysanta "Chrys" Fey joins one of these exploration parties as a cook with the hopes of discover the fate of her husband, a professional explorer who vanished on the first expedition into West Yggdrasil six years ago. As she follows his trail deeper and deeper into West Yggdrasil, Chrys begins awakening to latent botanokinetic abilities dangerous enough to reshape the branches of the world tree itself... Monstermanchego (tbc) Late 2017
Back to Backspace The first White Ark series in the Vicinity universe! After the events of Cartoon Network: Millennium, Patti Andrews sets out to search for her true origins, with the help of her companions Herschel and Sweatpants. Along the way, they face off with the Krampses, villainous deletions with a desire to overrun Backspace. MeGa eXal (tbc) 2017


  • The name White Ark comes from Japanese mythology, where it is said that a white ship will come to save certain members of the human race from the apocalypse.
    • This is likely a jab at the cartoon industry and promotes the message that it is trying to "save" it.

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