Whispers is a Strategy game for the Nintendo DS being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It stars an orange-haired, blue-skinned alien named Pik as he forms a resistance against an evil empire lead by the Corrupted Soul.


Exa II used to be a peaceful planet, full of tranquility, but that all changed when the Corrupted Soul and his demonic soldiers overthrew the land and enslaved the city. Everyday, the people worked all day, living on only water and bread. Everyone feared the Corrupted Soul. Except one person, and his name was Pik. Pik was younger than most of the inhabitants of his planet, but he knew he could do something about this...

Gameplay & Controls

In the overworld, you travel the land, solving puzzles and defeating the Corrupted Souls' minions. Along the way, you will come across training grounds. Here, you can recruit soldiers to help you fight the enemies. Pik himself is skilled in combat, as he is a marksman. There are 10 types of recruits:

  • Demolition Expert - Hard to kill. Can throw bombs and grenades great distances.
  • Assassin - A fast, silver-clad warrior that can kill enemies in one hit if they're close enough.
  • Miner - These big guys can dig underground, and then pop up for a surprise attack. Allies can follow the miner down the hole. They are also equipped with pistols.
  • Wizard - These beings can float around the battlefield, blasting enemies with magic.
  • Barbarian - A powerful, tough warrior that can attack using axes, chains, and other heavy-duty weapons.
  • Marksman - Like Pik himself, Marksmen can use accurate shooting to take down enemies.
  • Athlete - An extremely fast type of recruit with an incredibly powerful kick.
  • Cyborg - These armored robots can fire powerful lasers at enemies.
  • Veteran - These guys can fire powerful rockets at enemies.
  • ??? - These mysterious people possess incredible power. How you wield it is up to you.
  • D-Pad - Move, Jump, Scroll through attacks
  • A Button - Select attack
  • B Button - Activate attack
  • X Button - View map
  • Y Button - Build defensive walls


  • Pik - The main protagonist.
  • Rocky - Pik's best friend who is skilled in mining.
  • Orka - A skilled assassin that travels with Pik.
  • Corrupted Soul - The antagonist.
  • Crunch - The Corrupted Souls' highest ranking minion.
  • Warbots - The Corrupted Souls' main soldiers.

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