When Shy Guys Attack is a Chapter and the second world of the game, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it takes place in Mushroom Kingdom that is under attack by Shy Guys

List of levels

Levels Description Bosses/Mini-Boss
The Fleet of The Attacking Shy Guys The Shy Guys have taken over! Find the leader. None
Smasher onto the Plumber You are chased by a Airship... with a smasher! The Smasher 6000
Mask Factory A factory that makes masks, track the belt to the source. Mask Maker 2000
Falling Parachutes You must use those parachutes to prevent fall damage, this is a good place to practice your parachute fall. None
Super Mario! There is a star that turns you giant who could break Brick Blocks and easily defeat enemies, this is a good place to practice your Giant attack. None
Kirby Who was Captured Kirby is captured so as well, rescue Kirby from the one who captured him. Shy Net
Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 1 Infiltrate King Shy Guy's Airship and find out about his plans. None
Plaguery of the Airship Pt. 2 You've found out about the plans, and seen! Escape the Airship. Security Guys
Monster Tank What is that bug eyed tank doing in this dimension? Try using the Mariotank to engage it Megatank
Confronting the Army of Shy Guys You have defeated that tank so well, but you must confront a whole army of Shy Guys Shy Guys
Confronting the King You confront the leader known as the King of all, King Shy Guy! King Shy Guy
Escape the Airship! You have defeated him but first, ESCAPE! None


  • The chapter involving the Shy Guys attacking the Mushroom Kingdom is a reference to Paper Mario's chapter where Shy Guys overrun Toad Town
  • It is one of the Chapters with Epilouge levels, along with Crazy Bones of Egyptain Leader.

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