This game is about when video games collide.It is like those Adventure/Story mode games (Sonic The Hedgehog 3,Super Mario 3D world,etc.,etc.)
When Games Collide LOGO
When games colide box
Developer(s) Shadow2081,SEGA,Namco,Mojang,ROBLOX
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U,Nintendo 3ds,Computer,Xbox one and 360
Release Date(s)
January 5th,2016
Age Rating(s)
E For Everyone
Series Unknown
Cost $59.99

Credit to everyone who published the character pictures. (If theres one)


Story mode - Solo

Story mode - Multiplayer

Super Smash mode - Just fight like SSB4/SSBB/SSBM/SSB64

MLG mode - You n33d 2 unl0ck th!s w!th da Sanic

Youtube Poop mode - You  n33d 2 unl0ck th!s w!th da Weegee

Blank mode - Just a flat,HUGE,piece of grass. Just like Minecraft's superflat world. Needed to unlock by playing as all the characters. Lol.


Unlockable Characters





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