When Bowser Stole Gold Rabbit is the third episode of Super Mario. It aired on 6th April, 2015.


Main focus

Regular appearance

No lines / Breif cameo


A bunch of Lumas are seen looking for easter eggs with Rosalina, apparently with the most amount of eggs than anyone else. Mario watches over everyone, until Bowser appears, threatning to steal easter eggs off everyone. Toadai almosts hands his over to Bowser, but Mario comes over and tackles Bowser with a Raccoon power. Mario defeats Bowser, but he still decides to run off with a light-yellow Luma, apparently named Lemon.

Bowser brings Lemon to his castle, threatening to steal his heart as Lemon has a very powerful heart. Ludwig, however, states the Heart Stealer is going to take four hours to power up. Lemon transforms himself into a Bunny and gets Mini Bowser to play with him. Bowser tells Mini Bowser to stop messing about, causing him to chase Lemon and Mini Bowser. Bowser, however, admits he has fun chasing them about.

Rosalina drives the Comet Observatory towards Bowser's Castle as she tells Mario that Lemon has a very precious heart, and that if it gets stolen, it could end the whole Luma race. Brighton tries to track where Bowser's Castle is and states it will take about an hour to get there. Rosalina doesn't care, and says that she will do anything to get him back.

Meanwhile, the scene switches to a scene with Toadette, Toadokay and Wario using monitors to find the remaining easter eggs. Peach tries to stop them, but changes her mind.

Lemon, meanwhile, explains that it will be his 1st birthday in three weeks time, and to celebrate, they will be throwing a giant Luma gathering. Bowser asks how he is different amongst the other Lumas. Lemon then tells Bowser and the other eight Koopas that all Lumas are individual and that he is a rare type of Luma. Lemmy admits to liking Lemon and that they should switch off the machine. Ludwig switches it off, but an egg which was powering the machine hatches.

Rosalina breaks into the castle and starts fighting Bowser. After Rosalina defeats Bowser and Mario is about to attack the Koopalings, Bowser admits he likes Lemon and that he wants to spend the rest of Easter happy. They return to the egg hunt, but it turns out that Toadette, Toadokay and Wario took most of them. Brighton, however, says there may still be more, so the hunt continues

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