Wheelzen Shadows is a slightly darker game in the Wheelzen (series). The creator states "I had originally intended for Shadows to be mysterious and dark. I eventually decided it didn't fit Wheelzen and toned down the mood, though there are some creepy monsters included."


Wheelzen's Story

Dike, Wheelzen's best friend, has recently disappeared. Most agree he is dead, pointing to obvious signs of a struggle. Wheelzen does not believe this so he investigates the town, looking for any clues as to Dike's whereabouts. Firebrush gives various tools to Wheelzen such as flashlights, weapons, and shovels to help him explore ruins looking for Dike. Monsters inside the ruins are not very nice, as well as the townsfolk. If you are mean to the townsfolk they will not trust you. They may even attack you if you attack them. On a side note, a mysterious shadow keeps stalking Wheelzen... but why?

Dike's Story

Dike finds himself in an unfamiliar location... The ruins of an old Popopo village. Armed with a single flashlight and the occasional other tool, Dike explores this odd area. Friends are never who they seem, and monsters lurk within the ruins. A terrifying plague, a bomb, and more terrible things have wiped out the population leaving it a wasteland for zombies, mutants, and beasts. But... who used to live here? Dike must unravel the mystery and find a way to get back home.


At the final confrontation in the Museum of Time Travel, Wheelzen catches the shadow. The shadow opens a portal to a place between time and escapes. Wheelzen follows the shadow and finds Dike, who has found the ancient library of the Popopo and is defending it. The shadow reveals it's name: Shad, ruler of the Lands Between Time. Shad tells Wheelzen and Dike his plot: he plans to suck all worlds into the Lands Between Time so he can explore them in his true form. However, when a world is sucked into the Lands Between Time, everybody in it dies, as most living things need Time to exist. A series of boss battles is fought, each one making Shad more and more elaborate. Eventually he breaks a hole in Time, giving him his true form, which is really freaky. After defeating him, he explodes, cracking the hole in Time even more. The hole explodes, blowing Wheelzen and Dike back to their time. As they walk down the road, To be continued... appears on the screen.

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