Wheelzen Pocket Power is the first game for the Wheelzen Pocket. It consists of 5 different minigames revolving around the everyday life of Wheelzen.


The 5 different games are very diverse. Each one is playable by one player only.

Trot Wrangling

A Trot will walk towards either Barn A or Barn B. The screen than switches to Wheelzen. Press A if it went towards Barn A, or B if it went to Barn B. Sometimes you will have little time to view, or the letters of the barns will be covered up, or the barns swapped places, making the game harder.

Sickly Knockback

Sickly is running towards Wheelzen. Use left and right to control - Wheelzen is always running forward. When Sickly comes, Wheelzen must run into him, therefore kicking him. If Wheelzen misses, he will go back and kick making you waste time. Eventually, Sickly will fall in lava. Try to do it as fast as possible.

Dance Party

Wheelzen is dancing! Pictures of buttons will appear on the screen as Wheelzen dances. Press the button when it lights up!

Speed Dash

Wheelzen turns into his Wheel power. Sickly will send a rolling robot to race him. The race will start with a "3, 2, 1...... START!" countdown. When START appears, shake the Wheelzen Pocket as fast as possible to have Wheelzen dash. Every time you win, another faster robot will appear.

The Final Fight

Sickly fights Wheelzen once and for all! Shake the Wheelzen Pocket to attack. When it starts rumbling, stop shaking because that mean Sickly is throwing bombs!

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