Wheelzen Mazebrain is the second game for the Wheelzen Pocket. It is a maze game, based off of Emerald Mine, Boulder Dash, Supaplex, Sukoban, Rocks'n'Diamonds, and other similar games. It is often considered a Wheelzen-themed miniature version of Fantendo BoulderDream


The game revolves around Wheelzen going through a mine in a top-down view with several different objects in it. Wheelzen must collect enough "Point Objects" for the door to open. Then he can go through.


  • Hero Elements- When playing in single-player, Wheelzen is the hero who you move with the D-Pad. In multiplayer wireless, Sickly is available for the second player. Only some levels have multiplayer.
  • Point Elements- Gems of all shapes and sizes that give you different types of points are required to open the door.
  • Wall Elements-Walls! Some walls are slippery, which allows heavy elements to slide off of them. Some can be blown up with bombs, and some have point elements inside! The Door is the most important wall.
  • Heavy Elements-These elements fall towards the bottom of the top-down view. Rocks can crack nuts, which turn into Point Elements. Bombs explode when they hit the ground.
  • Enemy Elements-Different unique enemies have multiple attack patterns. Drop heavy elements on them to blow them up.
  • Boss Elements-The boss!


  • Tutorial A
  • Tutorial B
  • Tutorial C
  • Tutorial D
  • Mine 1
  • Mine 2
  • Mine 3
  • Mine 4
  • Mine 5
  • Mine 6
  • Mine 7
  • Mine 8
  • Mine 9
  • Mine 10
  • Mine 11
  • Mine 12
  • Mine 13
  • Mine 14
  • Mine 15
  • Boss Mine

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