Wheelzen Atomic 2: Darth Kirby is a game in the Wheelzen series and the sequel to Wheelzen Atomic. It involves Kirby, a character who exists in the same universe as Wheelzen.

Wheelzen Atomic 2: Darth Kirby
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii Disc


Wheelzen had just defeated Atomic the Master Fizzik and gotten home through an interdimensional warp gate that also turned him back into Popopo form. As soon as he got home, his jaw dropped. (Does Wheelzen have a jaw?) The entire place that he lived was in flames, and he heard screams in the distance. Wheelzen quickly rushed up to Sickly's palace to see if he had destroyed the world, but Sickly said "I couldn't have destroyed the world! I was there in that dimension with you, you stupid, idiotic, numbskull!" So Wheelzen went into the huge ominous castle with the words "New Overlord's Palace" that for some reason he didn't think to go into first. Inside was a large, pink popopo with a crazed expression and a dark cape. "What have you done to the city?" asked Wheelzen. "Me? Oh, yeah, well, my name is Kirby... but from now on you shall address me as Lord Overlord!" "That's an..... interesting name." "SHUT UP!" "Mmmmk." "Now then, I have taken over your beloved world and will now destroy you!" Kirb- I mean, Lord Overlord rushed toward Wheelzen and stabbed him with a black sword, sending Wheelzen about 5 worlds away from the castle. Wheelzen now must work to get back to his destroyed city, destroy Kirby, and dodge the Fizziks who happen to want revenge on Wheelzen!


In the ending, it is revealed that Kirby]]/Lord Overlord was actually being controlled by Sneak the Invisible Fizzik, who served Atomic's new plan to get revenge on Wheelzen.