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Wheelzen Atomic is the third game in the Wheelzen series. It is very different from Wheelzen's Wild Adventure and Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly because it has totally different gameplay and Wheelzen's appearance is drastically changed.

Wheelzen Atomic
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii Disc


Wheelzen just defeated Sickly TWICE, and he was ready to relax, when suddenly, a large hand picked up Wheelzen. The small popopo found himself staring at two large, redd-ish hands, apparently controlled by the burning orb between them. "I AM ATOMIC" the large entity said. "YOU HAVE ANGERED THE FIZZIKS, OUR SPECIES. AND FOR THAT YOU WILL PAY." Before Wheelzen could respond, Atomic dropped him into a large, whirling black hole....

Wheelzen woke up, but he didn't look the same. He had the appearance of a young human, and everything around him was very much like a human's world, but it WASN'T. There were monsters, like Trot's, and many new ones too, and it was very much like a fantasy. Large statues of creatures very much like Atomic were hung around the village. Wheelzen went into a house and asked for directions, and the person inside, an old man named Orca told him he was in Entarshard, a large and thriving old planet. Wheelzen decided to go and find a way home, as well as defeat Atomic.

Boss List


  • Possessed Trot

Chapter 1: Watery Trails

  • Splash Spirit
  • Splash Dragon
  • Sigil the Water Fizzik

Chapter 2: Rock Mountain

  • Boulder Beast
  • Crash the Ground Fizzik

Chapter 3: The Vile Vegetation

  • Vineator
  • Possessed Vineator
  • Sneeze the Plant Fizzik

Chapter 4: Dark Memories

  • Sickly
  • Miracle Nebula
  • Fear the Darkness Fizzik

Chapter 5: The Light Side

  • Illusion Beast 1
  • Illusion Beast 2
  • Shine the Light Fizzik

Chapter 6: The Final Adventure

  • Combo the Wizard Fizzik
  • Shock the Electricity Fizzik
  • Cloud the Air Fizzik
  • Sickly
  • Miracle Nebula
  • Pawn the Mind Fizzik
  • Atomic the Master Fizzik


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