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The Wheelzen (series) is a series of games created by Omegaverse Corp. It stars the character Wheelzen.


It should be noted that there is a handheld built solely for Wheelzen minigames that has several more games. It is known as the Wheelzen Pocket. It should also be noted that a special Wheelzen game was created for Series Swap Day called Wheelzen: Knightmare in Dreamland.



  • Wheelzen
    • Wheelzen is the character the series is named after. Wheelzen stars in the games, sometimes as a Popopo and sometimes as a Human when in another universe. Wheelzen has many friends as well as enemies.
      Wheelzen NSMB Style

      Wheelzen's usual appearance.

      Wheelzen New

      Wheelzen as a human.

  • Dike
    • Dike is Wheelzen's best friend. Dike has a minor role in most of the games, but in Wheelzen Shadows, Dike is a main character, and has his own story.

      Wheelzen's friend Dike.

  • Firebrush
    • Firebrush is a Popopo from Maerdworld, Dreamland's evil counterpart. However, Firebrush is good despite coming from that universe. Firebrush is one of Wheelzen's friends. In Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly, Firebrush is captured by Sickly.

      Firebrush's appearance.

  • Shiner
    • Shiner is another one of Wheelzen's friends. She does not have a major role in any of the games' stories yet.


  • Sickly
    • Sickly McDoomshire is one of the main villains of the series. He has various evil plots. He works with Crispy and Miracle Nebula
  • Shad
    • Shad is the ruler of the Lands Between Time. He is the villain of Wheelzen Shadows. His plan was to suck the worlds into the Lands Between Time so he could explore them in his true form. However, when a world is sucked into the Lands Between Time, the creatures in it die because they need Time to survive.
  • Atomic and the rest of the Fizziks
  • Crispy
    • Crispy is one of Sickly's henchmen.
  • Miracle Nebula
    • Miracle Nebula is one of the people Sickly once helped. Miracle Nebula promised immortality (or some diluted form of it) to Sickly if Sickly would bring him the souls of Popopo.
  • Knightmare
    • The villain from Knightmare in Dreamland

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