Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly is a game by Omegaverse Corp. It is a game in the Wheelzen series, and the second one in the series.

Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly
Developer(s) Omegaversecorplogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii Disc


After defeating the vile Sickly, Wheelzen and his friends left Maerdworld to go back to Dreamland. Once there, they saw a red creature made out of fire appear. "Firebrush, you must complete your purpose..." he said, and grabbed Firebrush and tried to take him away. Wheelzen, Dike and Shiner ran after the firey beast but Sickly jumped up in front of them. "Sorry, but he's ours" Sickly said. Wheelzen and friends were shocked that Sickly was still alive, and they tried to re-kill him, but failed. "You see" said Sickly, "a friend of mine named Miracle Nebula has promised me life again if I bring him the souls of Popopo." "NO!" said Shiner. "THAT'S EVIL!" "Sorry, idiots, but my reign of terror is mine to control." said Sickly, who ran away with the fiery monster. So Wheelzen and his friends went to go save Firebrush!

Playable Characters

Image: Name: Description: Special Ability
Wheelzen NSMB Style Wheelzen Wheelzen is a trained warrior since defeating Sickly, and he has to prove it again! Wheel Power
Dike Dike Dike is Wheelzen's best friend, and they're going to stick together to defeat Sickly! Animal Power
No Image Available Shiner Shiner, the white-dressed Popopo, returns to defeat Sickly again! Light Power
Yk Yoshi Kirby A Popopo with a Yoshi powerup. You can ride it, so it's not a normal character. None
No Image Available Birdo Kirby Another Popopo with a riding animal powerup. Birdo Kirby is different because he (she?) shoots eggs and is more powerful then Yoshi Kirby, but not as fast and can't flutter jump. None


# Name Description Gimmick Tank Boss Fortress Boss Portal Boss Bonus Boss Enemy Course Enemy
1 New Wheel City Wheelzen and his friends' city. N/A None Kirby 2 Crispy N/A Waddle Dee
2 Yoshi's Island The Yoshi's try to help Wheelzen and friends rescue Firebrush. The tide on the island goes in and out, preventing you from visiting some levels. None Kirby 2 Monstroshi N/A Waddle Doo
3 Malicious Mansion An evil mansion is on the road to Sickly, and the master is not pleased with the intrusion. The path around the world will change after every level is beaten, and levels will appear in different places. None Kirby Half Watching Eye N/A UFO
4 The Godly Skies A large temple in the skies is inhabited by Sickly and the gang. Sometimes when you lose a level too much, the clouds under the level disappear, knocking you back to the start of the map. Crispy Form 2 Kirby Half Sickly's Behemoth Plane MKII N/A Bronto Burt
5 Galactic Forests A bunch of robotic deer have enslaved the people here. Coconuts sometimes fall out from the tress and hit you, making you lose a life. None Super Kirby 2 R.O.B.E.R.T.A. N/A Sword Knight
6 Dark Chambers, Basement Level The Dark Chambers from the previous game go even farther into the ground... When wandering through the map, you may find yourself walking in circles..... or are you? None Super Kirby 2 Tabuu N/A Mr. Clocky
7 Maerdworld Sickly commands this realm of evil. Swarms of map hazards will sometimes block all exits. Crispy Form 3 Super Kirby Half Sickly N/A Flaming Mini-Sickly
8 The End Sickly plunged the entire world into darkness. Destroying him will be very, very hard. N/A Ultra Kirby Half and Ultra Kirby 2 Master Kirby Half and Master Kirby 2 Sickly Form 2 Ultimate Robot None


Name Strategy
Kirby 2 This nefarious clone will shoot stars at you and jump around the room. To defeat him, spit the stars back at at him 3 times!
Crispy Crispy's pretty easy to beat. He will throw fire at you from the sky. Just dodge him. When he crashes on the ground, a small propeller will pop out of the ground. Go grab it and you'll spin up in the air, and hit Crispy. Repeat twice.
Monstroshi The giant Yoshi will try to eat you. Avoid him and run over to the egg plant. Whack it and it will point at Monstroshi, and shoot a huge egg at him. He will fall and his tongue will stick out and eat you. Inside his body, a whole bunch of parasites will try to get you. Avoid them until Monstroshi spits you out. You win!
Kirby Half The other clone of Kirby is harder! This one can fly, and he will shoot stars at you as well. You must climb in the cannon and blast yourself to Kirby Half and spit the star at him 3 times.
Watching Eye An eye that watches from the middle of the screen, shooting lasers. Go around him three times and he'll get dizzy and shoot bigger lasers. Repeat.
Crispy Form 2 This is like the last battle, but when you defeat him he will grow and shoot rains of fire. You must dodge until he runs out of energy and disappears.
Sickly's Behemoth Plane MK II This giant Dragon Plane is very dangerous! It appears on one side of the screen shooting cannonballs and trying to grab you. Then it flies to the other side and does the same thing. After a while, it will fly through the middle of the screen. Jump on it to find Sickly. He will run away from you, shooting you with darkness. Chase him until the edge of the plane and he will fall off. Then a huge cannon appears on the plane. It shoots cannonballs and lasers and fire. Wait until it rests, than go jump on it and the plane will explode.
Super Kirby 2 He's bigger than last time and he takes 6 hits to defeat.
R.O.B.E.R.T.A. R.O.B.E.R.T.A. is here! Avoid her lasers and missles. When she drops a mine and runs away, inhale the mine and shoot it where R.O.B.E.R.T.A. is about to stand. She will get hurt! Do this 2 more times.
Tabuu Tabuu will try to shoot giant off-waves at you. They are impossible to dodge so wait until he's done. You should have 1 health left. Then Tabuu will form a chrysalis around himself. Destroy the chrysalis and Tabuu will go to the side of the screen and charge up a blast. Jump when he shoots it or you are dead! Tabuu will repeat the chrysalis/blast pattern 2 more times. Then he's dead.
Crispy Form 3 This is like Form 2, but when you defeat him, the background will crumble and Crispy, huge, will appear in the background. Tiny vials of poison will drop from the ceiling, however elixirs will as well. One poison will make you lose on elixirs. You must have at least 20 elixirs by the end of the rain. Then the elixirs will fly up and hit Crispy, who will fall to the ground.
Super Kirby Half He's faster than normal and takes 6 hits to defeat.
Sickly Sickly will attack you with a dark star blast, just avoid it until he runs out of energy. Then he will try and squash you. Dodge him and he will make a hole in the floor. The rest of this battle proceeds pretty much like the Bowser battle in SMB3 =P
Ultra Kirby Half and Ultra Kirby 2 They act just like their Super Form but they each take 10 hits to defeat.
Master Kirby Half and Master Kirby 2 They act just like their Ultra Forms but when they die they fuse into Kirby 2 and 1/2. He can fly, is super fast and takes 15 hits to beat.
Sickly Form 2 The battle plays the same as in Form 1, however when he falls into the ground, a spout of lava will fly out of the ground and on it, Sickly. An arsenal of armor, weapons and gadgets will appear around Sickly, and he will grow huge and start chasing you. Sickly has four different weapons he uses to fight you as you run away. The first is the Flamethrower, which shoots a big fireball. The second is the laser blaster, which shoots a thin laser that bounces off walls. The third is the Missile Cannon, which shoots a dangerous homing missile. The final weapon is a saw blade which is tossed into the air at you, making an arc. Just keep running away and dodging until you see a door. Enter it and Sickly will trip, fall, and be defeated.
Ultimate Robot This bonus boss in unlocked by getting all the Green Stars in the game. It is a giant green robot with fawful-like eyes, and giant bendy arms. It will try to pound you. Avoid it until it has make cracks in all of the floor with it's fist. Then the floor will fall and you'll land on a metal floor. Now it will attempt to target you with lasers. Dodge these so that they hit the floor. Eventually it will break and the Ultimate Robot will fall into lava. You will fall on a platform. However, the robot rises from the lava and shoots lasers again. Avoid until the walls crumble in. The robot will make a portal and you will be teleported into a room with Sickly. The rest of the battle proceeds like Sickly Form 2.

Items and Forms

All the items and forms in the game are the exact same as the last game, as well as a Birdo Kirby Egg, but other then that they are exactly the same.