Wheelzen Logo
Developer(s) Boulder Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Boulder System
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3-D Side Scroller
Media Included TBA

Wheelzen: Knightmare in Dreamland is an upcoming game for the Boulder System. It is rated E for everyone and can be played by 4 people at once. It marks the first appearance of a new villain named Knightmare who wants to take over dreamland. Play as Wheelzen and his friends and stop him at all costs.


Wheelzen hasn't really fought Sickly in a while. So he's usually hanging with his friends. One night Wheelzen goes to sleep, not knowing the danger that is happening in Dream Land. In the dream he is wandering around on fluffy white clouds when he sees a bunch of enemies strolling the skies. He then sees them going towards a black castle. He starts to follow untill a black cloud appears and shocks Wheezlen making him dizzy and falling of the clouds. He then becomes unconsciense but still falling. He wakes up thinking that the dream is over but hes still in Dream Land. Then suddenly a blue Popo walks up to him saying that the town is being attacked by the Dark Knighties. Wheezlen tells them that he will help defeat them. The blue Popo reveals that his name is Pluffo and will try and help Wheelzen on his adventure. Wheelzen then goes (with Pluffo) to the town to try and defeat the Dark Knighties hoping that it will wake him up from this horrible nightmare. More information coming soon


It is a 3-D sidescroller that is simmilar to kirby games. You will have to defeat certain enemies to pass certain areas and to ultimately each level. The blue Popo helps you at the beggining to explain what to do and how to do it. Such as teaching moves and getting power-ups. If you defeat an enemy you might get a power-up or something that can help you. You can also go different places to find hidden objects that can help you.



  • Ploze
  • Knightmare


  • Knighties
  • Knightsmen
  • Knipers
  • Madiators