Wheelzen's Wild Adventure is a game by Omegaverse Corp. It is a game in the Wheelzen series, and the first one in the series. It was originally released for the Nintendo Wii on March 22, 2010, then later on Steam on July 6, 2012 along with Nightwolf the Game.

Wheelzen's Wild Adventure
Developer(s) Omegaversecorplogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Wii Disc


Wheelzen, a young Popopo was playing with his friends Dike and Shiner, when suddenly the ground started rumbling. Out of the ground came Sickly, a monstrous Popopo. He started terrorizing the citizens, and Wheelzen, Dike, and Shiner ran away. As they were running, a Popopo called Firebrush got knocked out of a bush by on of Sickly's monsters. The 3 friends grabbed Firebrush and ran away. When they were safe, Firebrush explained that he was alright, but that Sickly had came from an evil, parallel universe to Dreamland called Maerdworld. Sickly wanted to rule both universes, and they had to stop him, so they went on an adventure to defeat Sickly!

Playable Characters

Image: Name: Description: Special Ability
Wheelzen NSMB Style Wheelzen Wheelzen jumps around bouncily and is the main character, as well as the fastest. He and his friends must defeat Sickly! Wheel Power
Dike Dike Dike is a brown, dirty Kirby who loves to get muddy! He's not that fast, but power's his turf! Animal Power
No Image Available Shiner A female Kirby, Shiner only has a little bit of jump power, but has a lot of health. Light Power
Firebrush Firebrush Firebrush, the fire kirby from Maerdworld, comes to help our heroes in their time of power. Has the best ranged attack. Fire Power
Yk Yoshi Kirby A Popopo with a Yoshi powerup. You can ride it, so it's not a normal character. None


  • Normal: Normal Form really has nothing special. 1 hit and your dead!
  • Ice: Ice Power allows your character to throw a volley of snowballs! Get hit and you turn to Normal form.
  • Flying: Flying Power allows your character to puff up like a balloon and fly. Get hit and you turn to Normal form.
  • SPECIAL: SPECIAL form lets you unleash your special ability. Get hit and it turns you into either Flying or Ice power.
  • Mini: Your small! You can fit into spaces you normally can't reach. 1 hit and your dead!


# Name Description Gimmick Tank Boss Fortress Boss Portal Boss Bonus Boss Enemy Course Enemy
1 Wheel City Wheelzen and his friends city. N/A None Kirby 2 Sickly N/A Waddle Dee
2 Sickly's Isle Sickly set up a resort to trap more people to become his slave. You must destroy it! The tide on the island goes in and out, preventing you from visiting some levels. None Kirby 2 Vineator N/A Waddle Doo
3 Spooky Forest Sickly has instructed a monsterous ghost to trap people in this forest. Looks like Wheelzen got trapped there too! The path around the world will change after every level is beaten, and levels will appear in different places. None Kirby Half Lantern-Lola N/A UFO
4 Sky Clouds Sickly has now taken up residence in a tank, and is trying to escape from you because he thinks your a threat. Destroy him! Sometimes when you lose a level too much, the clouds under the level disappear, knocking you back to the start of the map. Sickly Form 2 Kirby Half Sickly's Behemoth Plane N/A Bronto Burt
5 Mecha Volcano Robots have taken over this big volcano. Lava sometimes spurts out and could hit you, making you lose a life. None Super Kirby 2 R.O.B. N/A Sword Knight
6 Dark Chambers A pyramid filled with evil creatures of the night. When wandering through the map, you may find yourself walking in circles..... or are you? None Super Kirby 2 Shadow Hand N/A Mr. Clocky
7 Maerdworld Sickly commands this realm of evil. Swarms of map hazards will sometimes block all exits. Sickly Form 3 Super Kirby Half Sickly Form 4 N/A Mini-Sickly
8 The End Sickly plunged the entire world into darkness. Destroying him will be very, very hard. No gimmicks. Ultra Kirby Half and Ultra Kirby 2 Master Kirby Half and Master Kirby 2 Sickly Form 5 Lord SicklyMcDoomshire and his Throne None


Name Strategy
Kirby 2 This nefarious clone will shoot stars at you and jump around the room. To defeat him, spit the stars back at at him 3 times!
Sickly Form 1 The first battle with Sickly is pretty easy. Sickly will jump up, shooting darkness blasts at you. When he leaps to the other side of the room, run where he was standing and press the cannon button to destroy him!
Vineator Vineator is a giant plant hanging from the ceiling. It tries to slow you down by shooting pollen. Inhale the pollen and spit it on the wall and it will stick. Do this 9 more times and the pollen will crawl up to Vineator and he will sneeze.
Kirby Half The other clone of Kirby is harder! This one can fly, and he will shoot stars at you as well. You must climb in the cannon and blast yourself to Kirby Half and spit the star at him 3 times.
Lantern-Lola This giant Lantern Ghost girl will shoot fire at you. Inhale it and shoot it at her 5 times. Then the sheet will fall off and the spirit posses the Lantern. Get on top of the Lantern, avoiding fire and press the switch on it and it explodes!
Sickly Form 2 This is like the last battle, but he shoots more dark blasts. When you hit the cannon button, Sickly will disappear and reappear next to the cannon, and he destroys it. You must then inhale the dark blasts and spit 3 of them at Sickly.
Sickly's Behemoth Plane This giant Dragon Plane is very dangerous! It appears on one side of the screen shooting cannonballs and trying to grab you. Then it flies to the other side and does the same thing. After a while, it will fly through the middle of the screen. Jump on it to find Sickly. He will run away from you, shooting you with darkness. Chase him until the edge of the plane and he will fall off. The plane crashes.
Super Kirby 2 He's bigger than last time and he takes 6 hits to defeat.
R.O.B. R.O.B. is here! Avoid his lasers and missiles. When he drops a mine and runs away, inhale the mine and shoot it where R.O.B. is about to stand. He will get hurt! Do this 2 more times.
Shadow Hand Shadow Hand has many attacks such as bullets and flicking you. Simply survive until it runs out of energy and disappears.
Sickly Form 3 This is like Form 2, but when you defeat him, he gets back up and fires huge lasers from his mouth. Avoid until the room your in starts to crumble. Inhale 5 of the falling rocks and shoot them at Sickly.
Super Kirby Half He's faster than normal and takes 6 hits to defeat.
Sickly Form 4 This is like Form 3, but when you defeat him he starts running away from the crumbling castle. Chase him until he runs into a brick wall. Eat him and spit him at the wall to win!
Ultra Kirby Half and Ultra Kirby 2 They act just like their Super Form but they each take 10 hits to defeat.
Master Kirby Half and Master Kirby 2 They act just like their Ultra Forms but when they die they fuse into Kirby 2 and 1/2. He can fly, is super fast and takes 15 hits to beat.
Sickly Form 5 This is just like Form 4, but once you defeat him, he poofs into nothingness. You dance around in triumph, but then he reappears behind Wheelzen, and he is HUGE. RUN AWAY! Once you run far enough, he shrinks to slightly-bigger-than-normal. He flies in the sky shooting dark bursts. Catch 3 of them and spit them back, and then he splits into 3. Destroy each one by hitting them each 3 times. Then he falls to the ground defeated!
Lord SicklyMcDoomshire and his Throne This bonus boss in unlocked by getting all the Green Stars in the game. The level with this boss appears right behind the last level. Sickly's back, and he's in a giant throne robot! The robot shoots missiles, mines, bombs, cannonballs, lasers and can pinch you with its claws. You must inhale the bombs and spit them back out 30 times to defeat the robot. Once the robot is destroyed, Sickly jumps out. Do what you did in Sickly Form 2, and then he turns giant like in Form 5. Run away like in that form. Once he shrinks to normal, he grabs a staff of darkness and blasts you. Avoid his dark staff power until Sickly's rod runs out of power. Do what you did at the end of Form 5 after he shrunk, and he falls to the ground..... but makes one final effort to destroy you! He blasts you with dark lasers for 1 minute. Survive, and he is finally dead!


  • Blipper
  • Squiddy
  • Kabu
  • Cappy
  • Treehop (a small, Whispy Woods-like tree creature)
  • Saltshake (a salt-shaker-looking robot. slightly resembles a Dalek)
  • Calcior (a stronger version of a Saltshake. slightly resembles Daleks from the Cult of Skaro)
  • Warsal (strongest Saltshake. slightly resembles the Ironside Daleks)
  • Anti-Wheelzen (pitch-black wheelzen clone)
  • Wheelie
  • Pineapple Bomba! (incredibly rare, Easter-egg enemy from Kirby: The Adventure of The Overly Long Title Name!! who strongly resembles an actual kirby enemy)
  • Quickcar
  • Treebomb
  • Iron Swordfish (rush fast at you underwater)
  • Diamond Swordfish (rare, rush really fast at you underwater)
  • Big Blipper
  • Boobla (resembles Boo)
  • Ghast
  • MissingNo. (Easter-egg-enemy from Pokémon)
  • Wraith
  • UFO
  • Lakita (resembles Lakitu)
  • Living Cloud
  • Sentient Cloud Overlord (Easter-egg-enemy from dialogue in Portal)
  • Bird
  • Bronto Burt
  • Sword Knight
  • Mr. Clocky
  • Mini-Sickly
  • Robot
  • Robomb
  • Roboot
  • Roboom
  • Vampiran
  • Shade
  • Mummar
  • Mutated Beast (very strong)
  • Eed Elddaw (very strong)
  • Ood Elddaw (very strong)
  • Hunter (strongest normal enemy in the game)


Name Effect Rarity
Star 10 Point Common
Red Star 50 Points. Uncommon
Green Star Collect 3 in each level Rare
Boss Trophy You get one at the end of every boss. Rare
Chilly Star Turns you into Ice Form Uncommon
Winged Star Turns you into Flying Form Uncommon
Smash Ball Turns you into Special Form Rare
Yoshi Egg Hatches a Yoshi Kirby Uncommon
Shrink Star Turns you into Mini Form Uncommon
1-Up Tomato Extra Life. Rare
Maxim Tomato Regenerates all your health. Rare
Pep Brew Regenerates a little bit of your health. Common
Invincibillity Candy Invincibility for 15 seconds. Rare
Star Block Breakable block Common
Bomb Block Exploding block Uncommon
Star Door Takes you to another room Common
Yellow Door End of Level Common

WiiAchieve/Steam Achievments

Achievement... How to Achieve
Bop! Defeat an enemy
The Full Cast Play as each character at least once
Yoshi! Ride a Yoshi Kirby for the first time
SPECIAL Unleash your special power
Mini Go into Mini mode
Wheel City Beat Sickly for the first time
Sickly's Isle Beat Vineator
Spooky Forest Beat Lantern-Lola
Sky Clouds Beat Sickly's Behemoth Plane
Mecha Volcano Beat ROB
Dark Chambers Beat Shadow Hand
Maerdworld Beat Sickly for the fourth time
The End Beat Sickly for the final time
Green Star Collector Get all the Green Stars in the first four worlds
Green Star Conquestor Collect every Green Star
True Professional Defeat Lord SicklyMcDoomshire and his Throne
Like A Perfectionist Obtain every other achievement