Wheelman NUCULAR 3: Darth Vader is a game in the Da Wheelzman series. It involves Gangsta Wheelzman fighting Darth Vader on the planet Neptune. It is a highly grim, edgy take on Gangsta Wheelzman, as well as the Star Wars Universe.


As the game opens, Da Wheelzman's family is murdered by Darth Vader in a highly violent way. Vader then laughs maniacally and shoots Da Wheelzman.
As Da Wheelzman recovers in a hospital, he stares viciously around... I will get my revenge...
Meanwhile, Darth Vader blows up Earth with the Death Star, revealing his secret ally: Barack Obama, a secret communist spy from Hoth. Obama mutates into his true form, a giant communist, and engages in a massive duel with his arch-rival, George W. Bush, who has been mutated by Vader into a gigantic clone of Dr. Doom. Vader leaves them to their battle and teleports back to the USSR on the Earth, which has been recreated by Cyrus from Team Galactic. Da Wheelzman appears out of nowhere and reveals that he is in fact Vader's father. The two engage in a massive duel, until Da Wheelzman knocks Vader unconscious with an iPod, As Da Wheelzman walks away, he is stepped on by Rush Limbaugh, who has become a large gecko.


This being a highly edgy game, it includes the option of disfiguring the bodies of your enemies. You can pillage, murder, and torture anyone you come across except the hidden boss, Joe the Plumber, who is immortal.


The game was called "f***ing stupid" by IGN. No one else bothered playing it.

Then the creators of the game were gunned down by the real Dr. Doom because they infringed on his copyright.

Meanwhile, George Bush called his portrayal in the game as "ridiculous" and that "I wasn't a clone of Dr. Doom, I was his brother." Barack Obama, after shrinking back down to his normal size, laughed hystarically and told me that I was on drugs.


How did he know?!

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