Wheelie Penguin: Speed Reborn is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is for the Nintendo DS and is the first game in the Wheelie Penguin Series, as well as the debut of Wheelie Penguin.

Playable Characters

  • Wheelie Penguin - The one and only playable character. Can go up to speeds of 500 mph and can use his Wing Gun.


The gameplay resembles that of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and somewhat Mega Man, considering both games focus on speed and special abilities. It is a platformer game, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros.. Each level starts out with the player, Wheelie Penguin, getting ready for the course. After about 2 and a half seconds, a large flashing "GO!!!" icon appears, and Wheelie Penguin revs up his engine and the course starts. In levels, there are two meters, a speed meter and a kill meter. For the speed meter, you start out at 10 mph, and you can go up to 50 mph before hitting Hypersonic Speed Mode, in which you are invincible and can kill any enemy and break almost any platform just by driving through it. There is a small meter, the speed meter, on the bottom screen of the DS. The meter has colors that progressively change from green to red depending on how fast you are going. There are also numbers next to the speed meter that show how many MPH (Miles Per Hour) you are going. Also, every 50th mile per hour, a graphic will show up on the screen that says that number. That number will go all the way from 50 mph to 500 mph and Hypersonic Speed. When the speed meter reaches the maximum of 500 mph, you will go inter Hypersonic Speed mode, which is essentially an invincible mode. Then, there is the kill meter. There are many robotic enemies throughout levels. You, Wheelie Penguin, armed with your Wing Gun, can shoot bullets or lasers at these enemies to kill them, as well as drive through them (in some cases) and jump on them. You can gain new ammo by grabbing it while running. (You have unlimited ammo.) You can get regular bullets, bigger bullets, lasers, stronger lasers, a flamethrower, and a vaporizer as new ammunition for your Wing Gun. The Kill Meter records all of your hits and awards you points at the end of the level depending on how many kills you got. Boss Battles are generally the same. You are usually driving through a level and a boss is following in front of you. A certain amount of hits are needed to defeat a boss, and when you do, you are rewarded many points more than what a full Kill Meter gains you. In any level, you can withstand three hits until you die, and you have a limit of 5 lives (You can increase this number by getting 1-Up Batteries) until an immediate Game Over, where you lose any unsaved progress and have to start over the game from where you left off.


A scientist of unknown name and origin was living in the year 20??. Robots, originally created by humans, were taking over the world, killing some humans and converting others into robots themselves, taking over the world's major cities, and essentially taking over the world. The unnamed scientist was old, he couldn't defeat these robots himself, neither could the police, or even the army. He needed to make a hero... So, the scientist constructed a slick, black steel penguin-like creature, (considering penguins were some of the most agile creatures on Earth) complete with a strong, industrial and indestructable rubber wheel attatched to his belly and a gun on his left wing. Before completing the project, the scientist installed a superintelligent microchip inside the robotic penguin, programmed his mission, which was to find the person controlling the robots and kill whoever it may be, and gave it a name: Wheelie Penguin. After turning it on, the scientist hurried into his bomb shelter, for the evil robots would soon find his lab and him and try to turn him into a robot. As the bomb shelter door closed, Wheelie Penguin turned on. Instantly, his objective was clear, and he drove through the wall and began his mission...

After clearing Baltimore, Wheelie Penguin rids the city of all robots, the remaining ones that he didn't kill exploding due to a program malfuction. Wheelie Penguin gave a look of satisfaction and wheeled on to the next level, San Francisco, another highly robot-populated area. A large robotic rat-like tyrant named Scrapp took over San Francisco, turned it's population and animals into robotic slaves, and was planning on tearing down the Golden Gate Bridge to use it for spare parts for his "master". Wheelie Penguin had to stop this rodent robot before it was too late...

After a short quarrel with Scrapp that included battling on the Golden Gate Bridge, Scrapp's power source died and he fell to the ground, obsolete. Wheelie Penguin stood over his body, nodded, and wheeled away to the next area on his mission, Chicago. Chicago had been taken over by a cement truck-like robot named Cementyrant, who was turning the many inhabitants of Chicago into robots made of conrete and was also blowing the buildings away using his wind-blowing powers. If Wheelie Penguin didn't rid this town of robots and Cementyrant, the buildings would blow into the oceans and neighboring cities, creating mass pollution. Wheelie Penguin knew it would be difficult to kill these cement robots, but he had to complete his mission...

After a longer brawl with Cementyrant, part of it in the Wrigley Building, Cementyrant was down for the count, sealed forever in a case of his own cement. The wind had completely died down, and Chicago was robot-free. Next on Wheelie Penguin's mission chip was Washington D.C. When he arrived, he saw the historic city in ruins, with a major infestation of robot scum. This mission would be especially hard, for Wheelie Penguin had to protect three national monuments, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and, of course, the White House. A giant robot with enormous fists with machine guns on each knuckle named Terrorfist was multiplying the robot population and destroying everything in sight. It was up to Wheelie Penguin to defeat this America-hating machine...

More to come...


  • Baltimore - The first level and home of the unnamed scientist and Wheelie Penguin, located in Maryland.
  • San Francisco - The second level and home of the first boss, located in California.
  • Chicago - The third level and home of the second boss, located in Illinois.
  • Washington D.C. - The fourth level and home to the third boss, located in the District of Columbia.

More to come...



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