Wheelie Penguin
Wheelie Penguin3D
Full Name Wheelie Penguin
Current Age Ageless, considering that he is a robot
Gender Male(?)
Current Status Alive
Class Robotic Bird
Main Weapon(s) His speed/Beak/Wing Gun
Ability/ies Able to drive at speeds of over 500mph/Able to use his Wing Gun
Vulnerable To Electrical Distortion
"That Penguin", "Penguin", "Wheelie", "Wheelie Bird", "That Penguin With The Wheel On His Belly", "Wheelie Man".
Latest Appearance TBA

Wheelie Penguin is a penguin-like robot hero created to rid the world of evil robots and to stop these robots from converting other humans into robots. He is a slick, black, metal penguin with yellow metal feet and, of course, a big wheel on his belly. With his left "wing", he can shoot bullets and laser spheres, and with his trademark belly wheel, he can drive (or "slide", as some call it) at speeds up to 500 mph. Wheelie Penguin can go over most every terrain, mountains, snow, mud, he can even slide on water if he goes fast enough. His worst enemy is Xavier V. Zone and he first appeared in Wheelie Penguin: Speed Reborn.

Appearances in Games

Wheelie Penguin: Speed Reborn

This was Wheelie Penguin's debut game and was for the Nintendo DS. In the game, Wheelie Penguin is created by a scientist of unknown name and origin and does what he was programmed to do, defeat evil robots that have overrun Earth. The gameplay is similar to the original Sonic the Hedgehog because Wheelie Penguin can go up to extremely fast speeds and perform special attacks in mid-air and mid-drive. The game was a huge success and sold many copies. The creator of Wheelie Penguin said that a sequel, possibly a 3D game for the Wii.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble

Wheelie Penguin most recently appeared in FSBR as a newcomer to the series, complete with a 3D appearance. His moveset consists of attacks that he learned in Speed Reborn, along with a unique Final Smash.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Wheelie Penguin reappears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a TAGOS character with a reimagined look. He was added on 5/14/17.