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The New Fantendoverse is a complicated system, a labyrinth of time. That's why there's a timeline page.

This will probably be updated often.

Phase 1

Contains all titles taking place up until Fantendo Now Season 1's finale Prom Night.

  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered (Universe is created, the Threat declares war.) (Year ???? BC)
  • City of Flames (White Goddess attempts to stop a comet from hitting her planet. The sun is created.) (Year ???? BC)
  • Fantendo - Turning Point: Season 1 (Private Investigator and WW2 veteran Vincent Lewis fights crime in New York City in 1949 while encountering a secret organization known as Revolution.) (Year 1949 AD)
  • Fissure (2014) (Unten attempts to stop Doomulus Grime.) (Year 2011 AD)
  • Underground (2014) (Unten deals with Boare, Netnu, Sia, and his own self doubt while trying to stop Doomulus Grime.) (Year 2012 AD)
  • Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns (The Enemy request Ashley to revive Plague Master, Hein and the others get word of the Dark Wood's downfall) (Year 2014 AD)
  • GHOST SMILE (Smile attempts to stop the evil Mythic from wreaking havoc across the multiverse) (Year 2014 AD)
  • Magma Sentinels (King Ash, Birnstone, and Graveltone go adventuring across the Bermuda after noticing strange attacks by one of The Threat's troops, which had just crash landed a few days ago) (Year 2015 AD, happening during Tragedy.
  • Overclocked (Scratch Kat, Lub Lub, and Dawg are forced out of stasis as their autopiloted ship flies directly into a pocket dimension inhabited by a fiendish trickster. After the game's events, the three return to their stasis pods with Pogo secretly tailing them.) (Year 2015 AD)
  • Tragedy (2015) (Unten, Zerita, and Mioda attempt to stop Doomulus Grime but don't. Unten escapes Zeon thinking his friends are dead.) (Year 2015 AD)
  • Fantendo - Genesis (Unten lands on Earth and 3.14 goes to space.) (Year 2015 AD)
  • Strafe: Warzones (Strafe, Leah, and X-Ray fight cannibals and Strafe's father in a journey of self-discovery.) (Year 2015 AD, happening during Genesis)
  • Dark Woods: Hollow Remnants/Volume 1 (Hein and Ligeia uncover their roots with the Dark Woods) (Year 2015 AD, after everything above and overlapping till Labyrinth)
  • Fantendo - Meltdown (King Ash and Aran go to stop a Magma Sentinel invasion and get tied up in a larger plot involving one of the Threat's forgotten mooks.) (Year 2015 AD, happening during Genesis)
  • Resurgence (Volt traverses the mysterious cathedral and learns about his past.) (Year 2015 AD; could take place before, during, or after Genesis.)
  • Thorn: No Man's Land (Thorn returns home before leaving to fight the Benefactors.) (Year 2015 AD; could take place before, during, or after Genesis.)
  • GHOST SMILE II (Smile is called back by the Spirit Council to stop Order from unlocking the Chaos Universe) (Year 2015 AD)
  • Wasteland Warriors (The Wasteland Warriors undertake a bunch of missions.) (Year 2015 AD, happening just after Genesis)
  • Fantendo - Showcase/Volume 1: Issue 6 (Logia's debut.) (Year 2015 AD, happening just after Genesis)
  • Fantendo - Misfits (Half of Season 1) (Follows Aran Leverletto, Melissa Dust, and Firball as they group together in a team made without government help. They usually take on the smaller courses, but old enemies return.) (Year 2015 AD, happening after Genesis, during Fantendo - Gaiden)
  • Fantendo - Gaiden: Season 1 (Follows Squad-410 of F.A.N.T as they investigate various supernatural threats and objects, teaming up with other Fantendo characters along the way. They seem independent, but things are not what they seem.) (Year 2015 AD, happening just after Genesis)
  • Terror Terry (Terry and co. try to escape from Svarga and more is learned about Avirl's interest in Unten) (Year: 2015 AD)
  • Fantendo - Small Time/Volume 1: Issue 1 (Skett meets Carter's parents.) (Year 2015 AD, happening shortly after Gaiden)
  • Fantendo Labyrinth (A bunch of Fantendo characters are teleported into a mysterious labyrinth.) (Year 2015 AD, some time after everything listed so far)
  • Fantendo Now: Season 1 (Unten, Strafe, Rachel, PalmMan, Leah, and new character Sakeena Kamel go through all kinds of things.) (Timeline dates listed below)
    • The Great Train Robbery (Unten and Strafe stop a train robbery.) (Summer 2015 AD)
    • Witch House (Unten and Strafe go to a witch's house and find PalmMan there.) (right after The Great Train Robbery)
    • Metamorphosis (Sakeena Kamel gets her powers and meets her heroes.) (before/during/after Witch House)
  • Fantendo: Syndicate of Sins (A group of heroes travels to Skærsilden to find The Keeper and defeat the Seven Princes of Hell) (Year: 2015 AD)
  • Dark Woods IV: Descend (The Threat sends Eight to take over Dark Woods, Hein and Plague Master team up) (Year: 2016 AD, two years after The Plague Returns)

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