What is the New Fantendoverse? is a project led by Exotoro (tbc) to attempt to define what the new Fantendoverse is, and lay down a guideline of recognized canon facts which those who want their games to be canon to the project must follow. With this in mind, the project is meant to be as flexible as possible, to the point where two reboots of the same franchise can run at the same time. Anyone is free to sign up their characters or series and no connections are needed to make prior to entering a series into the New Fantendoverse.

This also lays down the groundwork for the "Normal" and the "Cosmic" parts of the Fantendoverse. What technology is around, who is the strongest gods in the Fantendoverse, etc.

Project Organization

Canon Writers

Pretty much any thing these people write is law. Ask Exotoro to become a writer.

Okay, What is the New Fantendoverse Anyway?

The New Fantendoverse is a reboot of the Fantendoverse, except far more streamlined, more cohesive, and actually having a somewhat solid canon. It ties a bunch of original characters and universes from other users and puts them in the same timeline. The project is led by Exotoro (tbc) and is a hugely expansive wealth of material ranging from games, to television shows, to comics, to stories. All of the materials under the New Fantendoverse category are meant to be canon.

Where do I start?

The new Fantendoverse officially begins with Fantendo - Genesis, although that will not get you up to speed with every single event going on in the New Fantendoverse. We recommend reading what you want in the navigation template. You can ask Exotoro (tbc) about whether something contradicts something established in canon or not if you plan on writing something.

Does my stuff have to be part of it?

No, you have the choice of whether you want your stuff in or not, like everything else.

How do I sign up?

Just ask Exotoro (tbc) to add your stuff into the New Fantendoverse. One thing we will never accept is old memes that aren't funny. Otherwise we will try to format pretty much everything into the WITFU for navigational purposes.

Does my stuff need to be connected right away?

Absolutely not, although connecting stuff from other things in the Fantendoverse will help it become really integrated in there. Just mentioning stuff is a good way to start.

What about removing my stuff?

As of September 18, 2016, any material that needs to be removed will only be excluded from future material and not taken out of any in-progress or finished projects. This prevents it from being a giant headache, as you can probably imagine it being.

What is the Nintendo stuff?

So the New Fantendoverse includes some Nintendo and some non-Nintendo elements. The New Fantendoverse is a big colgemate of previous Fantendoverse stuff, which did in fact include Nintendo stuff. This includes stuff like Palutena, Pokémon in the Fantendoverse, and the amiibo Phone. Additionally, Unikitty and Ike from Fire Emblem are canon due to their place in stories from New Fantendoverse contributors.

So, why are these included? What prevents everything from being canon to the New Fantendoverse? Well, these characters and concepts contain unique elements that are exclusive to their Fantendoverse interpretation. Pokémon for example, are not depicted as animals, but rather intelligent species that live among humans as just another intelligent race. This is a huge drastic, fundamental change that is very much exclusive to the New Fantendoverse. As such, including Nintendo/existing concepts and characters need to have a unique twist to them that is very much original to the Fantendoverse.

The New Fantendoverse

Big Titles

These are the big crossover titles, the "Avengers" of the Fantendoverse. Typically this is the best place to get a idea of past big events.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Important events: New Universe begins, the Threat makes herself known.

Although not technically part of the New Fantendoverse, the start of it really begins here. As the old Fantendoverse falls apart and the truth behind Unten and Zeon is revealed, it takes the handiwork of nearly every Fantendoverse to take down the Shattering's incarnation known as Clockwarx. As Clockwarx is finally defeated, Leah and Rachel have wishes of their own that follow them into the New Fantendoverse. Leah wants to remember everything that happened in the old Fantendoverse and Rachel wants to turn her life around, this message being encoded onto tattoos on her arms.

The Fan and The Enemy find what they believe to be an empty universe to build the New Fantendoverse, only to find that it is far from empty as The Threat reveals herself to the two brothers, beginning a war that will last millions of years.

Fantendo - Genesis


Important events: Six lands on Earth, Unten lands on Earth, Flicker is created, Unten's blood is stolen, 3.14 and Flicker leave Earth with a couple of other A22 Experiments, YE lands in the Wasteland Earth is exposed to aliens and genetic experimentation.

Linked to Rachel, Robyn, Unten, Six, The Threat, 3.14, Flicker, YE

Our story begins with the aftermath of a tragedy, Tragedy (2015), in fact. As Unten drifts in an escape pod, Rachel wakes up with tattoos on her arms, unsure how they got there. As Rachel heads to work, her life takes a turn as an alien known as Six awakens and attempts to attack her. With some warning from Robyn Sephora before hand, Rachel is able to escape and gets the feeling of destiny, as if she has been given a task. With further help from Robyn, they meet Logi and Denos, who help them understand the mission: find Unten.

At A22 Industries, a demonstration goes awry as Flicker is created. 3.14 is captured by A22 Industries and is tasked to talk to Flicker. Although the two get along, Flicker accidentally wounds Dr. Hex, head of A22, and both of them are to be shut down. Although tasked with shutting the two down, Dr. Luna spares them and helps them escape A22. Dr. Hex attempts to fix his "glitch" wound, the solution turning him into Master Binary.

YE awakens and after some introductions from his dead creator, goes into the world to go against a foe that destroyed the outside world. Gaining assistance from two other genetically enhanced raccoons named Rhodes and Tulip, the three confront Overman Corp but YE is thrown into a portal.

Rachel and Robyn head to Noah to find Unten, getting assistance from Strafe, Leah, and X-Ray. Although they manage to find Unten, the American Government also finds them and locks them up. While locked up, the head of the CIA (Helen Rizzo) preforms some tests on Unten as well as draining some blood. YE lands in Rachel and Robyn's cell and becomes part of their plan to break out.

More TBA

Fantendo Labyrinth


Fantendo Now: Season 1

Important Events: Sakeena Kamel gains her powers, Leah and X-Ray become a couple

Fantendo Sports Resort


Fantendo Sports Resort
Important Events: White Goddess gets free and creates the Beorn Androids, Rose Reaper discovers the family bond she and Strafe share, Aurora and Fera become a couple, Cura is discovered and repaired, Scylpo is created

Fantendo Now: Season 2


Fantendo Now
Important Events: Unten begins training Six.

Fantendo - Gaiden


Fantendo - Gaiden
Important Events: F.A.N.T is established, The Operatives are created, The Wasteland suffers a large blow from Lynxclaw Inc.

Titles Linked to Important Characters

Titles linked to characters that are important but not necessarily the Fantendoverse as a whole.

Prodigy Saga


Fissure (2014), Underground (2014), Tragedy (2015)
Linked to Unten, Zerita, Doomulus Grime, Mondo/Mioda.

Important events: Destruction of Zeon; Unten escapes Zeon, alone and unsure if anyone he knows is even still alive.

Strafe: Warzones


Strafe: Warzones
Linked to Strafe, Leah Needlenam, X-Ray, Joseph, Lock.
Important events: Strafe goes to America, Lock becomes much younger, Project LL is created

3.14 Worlds

Linked to 3.14, Flicker.
Important events: ???

Wasteland Warriors

Linked to Iron Mask, Scarlet, PAINT 2.0, Sydney Watterson, Whitney.
Important events: ???

Shadowcalypse Series

Linked to Umbra, Andromeda, Queen Nebula.
Important events: In a distant future, Umbra sets out on a quest after his uncle mysteriously vanishes.

Crow vs the World

Linked to Crow, Project LL.
Important events: Crow defeats many powerful organizations and gains notoriety, Project LL is free


Earth's Technology

Earth's technology is relatively advanced, although not on the level of other planets. These include a number of weapons and inventions that help law enforcement, although these aren't normally available to the general public. A large piece of Earth's technology involves genetic experimentation, which A22 Enterprises is known for. The attitude on genetic experimentation on Earth is primarily negative.

Multiverse Portals


Main article: Galvan Artifacts

There are a variety of Galvan artifacts and they all activate latent power. Two of the more popular Galvan artifacts is Volt's scarf and Umbra's Shadow Scythe.

Other Species on Earth

Earth is home to a wide variety of animals, including intelligent animals on the level of humans have start appearing sometime during and after Fantendo - Genesis. These intelligent creatures peacefully co-exist with humans, although accounts of speciesm have come up. Examples of these intelligent creatures include, strangely enough, Pokemon.

The Bermuda Triangle

Main article: The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is host to a wealth of hidden islands and continents under a heavy dosage of Distortion Mist. It is home to the Magma Sentinels and Amelia Earhart and her offspring, to name a couple of the things that lurk inside.


Main article: F.A.N.T

F.A.N.T is an international independent organization created in response to the alien invasion of Genesis, in order to fight supernatural threats and contain supernatural items.

Boltzmann University

Main article: Boltzmann University

Boltzmann University is a training school for characters that The Fan and The Enemy see potential for in fighting against The Threat. The school was first used in Fantendo Origins Neo, with many of the new characters seen in that game coming from there. Every year a new selection of students appear.


Main article: Yggdrasil (New Universe)

The most defining feature of Yggdrasil is the large tree growing from it, that is large enough to be visible from space. There are actually several versions of the Yggdrasil tree scattered throughout the universe, with all their life-lines tied together. It connects the nine worlds together (what these nine worlds are unknown; one can be assumed to be Earth.).

Distortion Mist

Main article: Distortion Mist

Earth is covered in something called Distortion Mist, which may or may not be put up by magical societies on purpose. Distortion Mist also distorts how big a given area is, with Earth being likely much larger than what is believed. Entire continents can be hidden under Distortion Mist.

Oestus Magic

Main article: Magic (Aeo)

Magic is a form of energy which originated in Oestus, that can be manipulated by those who learn or have an innate ability to perform various supernatural feats. Magic was first utilized by the ancient Elves of Aeo, who also created the artifacts which draw magic energy across from Oestus to Mortus. Magic, in it's raw form, is dangerous to most living creatures and causes various harmful effects. As such, it must be purified before it can be safely absorbed as mana.

This magic may be considered different from other forms of magic due to it's existence in another dimension, with it's energy needing to be pulled out from there.

Zaxinian Lifts

Main Article: Zaxinian Lifts / Mallorian Monarch

The Zaxinian Lifts are a universe that's connected to the Earth by magical means. They have very little involvement in the general lore to the Fantendoverse itself, but characters like Valerie Heartgold and the Gone trio emerge from there and have contributed small roles in projects like Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. The Lifts are a set of platforms that contain many portals to planets spread all over the universe, each planet with its own themes and importance to the Zaxinian Lifts. It is possible to be transported to the Lifts via calling Ike, who will teleport the person over the line up to the entrance platform.

Alternate Realities

Main Article: Alternate Fantendoverses

The main reality of the Fantedoverse is not the only one. While the main Fantendoverse has a more selective process for their writers, any one can create an alternate Fantendoverse. These universes can overlap and can be traveled to and from.

Important Characters

Shortly after the Shattering of the old Fantendoverse, The Fan and The Enemy created a brand new universe from scratch, with what they could remember being rewritten. Almost everything anyway, as they had made a few exceptions (Leah's memories). Shortly after creating the new universe, they found that it overlapped with another existing universe owned by "The Threat".

Although the two now work together, they are still have their differences. The Fan however acknowledges that both destruction and creation must coexist if the universe is to remain in working order. He has opened up a schooling system for various characters he believes may have potential.