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The Spatial Dimensions

Most beings and objects within the multiverse are only capable of interacting with 3 spatial dimensions, which are colloquially known as simply the first, second and third dimension. The fourth and higher dimensions do exist, but the creatures who dwell within them often remain unseen.

Besides time, almost all dimensions can be considered spatial dimensions; the distinction is only made for named dimensions which have unique uses and/or properties.

Time and Timelines

While it is usually only possible to travel forwards or backwards through time, it is also possible to enter alternate timelines. There are many different methods of time travel, some of which follow the self-consistency principle (which means they cannot change the events of the timeline they originated in, as it would potentially cause a paradox that prevents them from being able to travel in the first place). To overcome this limit, they may travel to alternate timelines. There are two types of timelines: Branching, and Parallel.

Branching Timelines

Branching timelines are timelines which, due to time travel or other phenomena, "branch" off of another timeline. In a model of a group of branching timelines, the angle between the branch and the original timeline is determined by the difference between them. If this difference is too small, or grows too small after a time, the timeline may collapse and cease existence separately from the main timeline.

In Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, it is revealed these branching timelines have "weight". If there are too many then the Fantendoverse will begin a event known as the Fracture, in which it will collapse under all the weight, leading to the end called the "Shattering".

Parallel Timelines

Parallel timelines do not branch off from existing timelines; they exist alongside them. This means that they are never in danger of collapsing due to similarity, and in fact an infinite number of parallel timelines exist which may include infinite copies of identical timelines.


Planes or realms exist within the same universes, but are otherwise separated from each other. An example would be the God's Realm, which exists within the Fantendoverse rather than being a separate universe within the multiverse, but has no presence within the mortal plane (the plane which is most commonly known as "the" Fantendoverse).

Certain realms also exist over the entire multiverse rather than a specific universe, meaning one with the ability to travel to the realm would be able to access it from any universe in the multiverse. Currently, the only known realm of this type is the Dream Realm (which also has connections to other multiverses).

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