What Happened to the Mouse?
Director Gary Trousdale
Producer(s) Lurky Lorean
Studio(s) Locked Arts
Distributor(s) 20th Century Fox
Type CGI animated film
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy.
Music Danny Elfman
Henry Jackman
Country of Origin English
Matthew Broadley as Dave D. Thompson
Steve Carrell as Detective Oliver Bird
Abbi Jacobson as Detective Sofia Ratzenberger
Bret Iwan as the Mouse.
Bill Farmer as Mister Goof.
Morgan Freeman as Wade Dabney Pictures CEO.
Jack Black as Undead Wade Dabney.
Theatrical Release Date(s)
January 1, 2016
Home Edition Release Date(s)
March 9, 2016
Original Language English
Budget $7 million.
Runtime 180 min.

What Happened to the Mouse? is a CGI animated and live-action hybrid film about a boy named Dave D. Thompson (played by Matthew Broadley) who is a fan of the works of a company called Wade Dabney Pictures. When he grows up, he notices that one of his childhood icons, the mascot of the company called the Mouse (played by Bret Iwan) has been forgotten by the company, he finds a screenplay that he wrote when he was a kid for a feature movie featuring said character, but during his journey, he faints and wakes up in a world in which he meets with the characters of all of the movies that the company made, with the exception of the Mouse. He now decides to try to discover what happened to the mouse with the help of a detective duo played by Steve Carrell and Abbi Jacobson.

The movie is written and produced by Lurky Lorean and directed by Gary Trousdale, who is famous for directing movies such as Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame. The movie is said to be a lighthearted parody of Disney movies. It is going to be released in January 6, 2016.





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