What's Hot in Nintendo? is a system of ranks and opinions on various Mushroom Kingdom Stars.


What's Hot in Nintendo? generally talks about heroes and their appealing and unappealing qualities. The bios on current celebrities are as follows.


Mario is a heroic star in the Mushroom Kingdom, but we can all see that the only reason he got that way is because of his action. Mario's diet contains mostly pasta and pizza, though he does enjoy mushrooms. However, these fattening foods have caused his figure to become much less attractive, making him slightly fat. He is also a short man, yet his actual height is unknown due to his unnatural biology to shrink in times of pain, and grow whenever food is consumed. He is constantly saving the Mushroom Kingdom, and its ruler from harm, though the population consists of many other heroes that he overshadows. Mario's heroic instincts can be quite helpful, yet annoying when they kick in during a bad time. Never the less, he is a pest to any evil doers, such as Bowser and the Koopa Troop. Many Toads sleep well at night knowing that Mario is protecting the city, though his herioc actions have gone a bit to far. There have been rumors that Mario can go for months without sleep, as he is too busy to rest. Noble as it is, this disturbs many citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Also, further information on Mario has been recieved from Yellow and Blue Toads, as they have accompanied Mario on several of his latest adventures. They state that Mario's determination to save his love and the Mushroom Kingdom is quite brave, yet he does not enjoy taking breaks. They have stated that Mario often yells at them, and calls them lazy and pathetic. They say these actions may be caused to a lack of sleep, though Mario has been known to critisize. More information on Mario will be recieved.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the kind hearted ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has been known to express a love interest in Mario, though many others think otherwise. There is evidence that Peach has expressed interests in Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad. Luigi has rescued her from Bowser on several occasions, and she has rewarded him with a kiss. Mario was nowhere to be found. It is unknown whether Mario knows, or if Peach is cheating on him. In her diary, it is said that she has always wished for Mario to ask her for her hand in marriage, though it has yet to happen. Some say Princess Peach is extremely attractive, though she has not really been known to model, or really show off her looks. She has been found to be more attractive to the Toad species. Many of her subjects tell her bad stuff about Mario, though none is proven. It is suspected that these things are told to her out of jealousy from Toads. It is suspected that Mario and Peach's relationship could be false, considering Mario dumped his beautiful girlfriend, Pauline, for a slightly less beautiful princess with royal status, money, and power. However, Mario and Peach both deny this. Most people think that Mario and Peach are truly in love, though a large portion suggest otherwise. There are several videos of Mario and Peach kissing, which have led to many more theories. Mario and Peach's relationship is still mainly a mystery. Peach also doesn't do a fabulous job protecting her kingdom, as it is often invaded, taken over, and left without a ruler for a majority of the time. More information about Peach will be revealed at some future date.


Luigi is another celebrity of the Mushroom Kingdom, yet is not as well known as his brother. He is always being overshadowed by his brother for various reasons, including the fact that he is the younger sibling, and that his brother shares a love interest with Princess Peach. Most people think that Luigi is a clumsy coward, yet this is not true, due to the fact that he is being compared to Mario who just stands around soaking up all of his fame, while Luigi is always stuck carrying Mario's stuff, or answering his fan mail. It is speculated that Luigi moves around and excersizes more than his brother, due to the fact that Luigi is taller and skinnier, even though he is the younger brother. Luigi commits just as much heroic actions as his brother, yet Mario takes most of the attention and awards away from him. This may have caused Peach to be more attracted to his brother, Mario. Luigi has showed many signs that he likes Peach, though he could be jealous of his brother for stealing her from him. However, when Mario isn't around, Peach treats Luigi just like his brother, pampering him, congratulating him, kissing him, though she mostly treats him like a good friend. People often forget who Luigi is next to his brother. Even Bowser sees Luigi as less of a threat when compared to his brother. However, Luigi has made more of an enemy with King Boo than Mario has. It is rumored that Luigi often separates himself from his brother by spending more time in his no longer haunted mansion, occasionally inviting his girlfriend over, Princess Daisy. Despite living in his brother's shadow, Luigi has the life of an average celebrity. More information is yet to be revealed.


Wario has been described as a hideous, pig-like human being, who is extremely greedy, and spends all day watching TV while eating unhealthy foods. This description is incredibly accurate. As to how he got a smoking hot girl like Mona to make out with him, it will always be a mystery. In fact, Wario has had several admirers over the years, one being Princess Shokora, who gave him quite a few kisses on the cheek. Wario, being the lazy slob he is, is probably very judgemental, meaning that he will think any attractive girl should be with him. However, stupid as it sounds, he some how got Mona and Princess Shokora to kiss him. Beside that, it is revealed that Wario expresses an interest in Princess Peach, as does pretty much every other male in the series. It is possible that women express an interest in Wario because of his money. However, this would be one mermaid in a sea of ugly. Wario, being extremely self centered, would most likely talk about how amazing he is, and make up a whole bunch of lies about hisself that make him sound more appealing. However, he would probably have to make up so many lies, that he would only talk about hisself all the time, causing the ladies to yearn for someone who would actually express an interest in them, and not just their bodies. Further information will be announced on some future date.


Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur friend. Many people overlook Yoshi, as he is overshadowed by Mario like all of the other Mushroom Kingdom stars. However, without Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, and Wario would all probably be dead, if not captured by Bowser. Yoshi has made friends with the baby counterparts of all of the main characters of the series. He also has a girlfriend named Birdo. Yoshi and Birdo seem to love eachother very much, yet Birdo can be seen as evil in the eyes of the Mushroom Kingdom ever since the events of SUper Mario Bros. 2. However, Yoshi is seen as a minor hero, occasionally teaming up with Mario and Luigi. Although friends with Mario, Yoshi also has a dark side towards him. Mario takes advantage of his friends a bit, but there's none worse than Yoshi. Mario often treats Yoshi as another one of his powerups. He rides yoshi through the levels, and occasionally when he's about to fall off of a cliff or into a ditch, he jumps off of him, and deserts him in his time of need. However, Yoshi always seems to make it through Mario's abuse. Instead of fighting him, Yoshi befriended Mario long ago when he rescued him and his friends. Yoshi was greatful at the time of this event, but currently, he is quite annoyed at Mario's super stardom. Yoshi is not jealous, as ar any of the other heroes that are overshadowed, because they do not want to be like Mario. However, they would not mind the fame and glory that they would recieve if Mario would not hog all of it to himself. Yoshi's diet consists of mainly anything he can find, though because of the way his body is built, no fat is stored in his body. Instead, he stays good and healthy looking.


A gigantic, fire-breathing, spike-shelled monster who has an enormous army of varoius different monsters who has tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom numerous amounts of times, but is always stopped by a couple of plumbers, some guys with big spotted hats, and a little green dinosaur. How this is possible is unknown, but the one thing for sure is that the same thing happens everytime. Bowser's predictable moves: capture the princess, have Mario travel through eight worlds, and eventually lose everything. No matter how many times the princess is captured, Mario, Luigi, some Toads, and Yoshi always stop him. However, Bowser has sprung a different story line, like in Super Mario Galaxy, its sequel, and Super Mario Sunshine. However, Bowser is always stopped, no matter what he does. Bowser sees Mario as his main threat, probably he is the most determined and that he treats his friends like luggage on his adventures. However, Bowser still sees the others as threats. He captured Luigi along with Mario in Super Princess Peach, and he often traps Yoshi in eggs to keep him from getting in the way of his plans. Bowser can pretty much see anyone who's good as a threat to his operations. As for Princess Peach, though, Bowser has got a soft spot for her. It has been revealed that he has a secret crush on her, and that's part of the reason he kidnaps her. However, Princess Peach shows no interests in him, probably because he's hideously grotesque, and that he is always out to kill her true love and his friends. Bowser's life has so far been a waste, as he has accomplished nothing.


Mona has been described as a hot bikini babe, and this is true. However, she shows no interest in people's looks, as she is in love with Wario. However, if that's who she truly loves, than she must be easy to date. Mona wears a short skirt, and a fluffy red velvet jacket. To top it all off, she covers her top with a tight red bikini. However, Mona is quite a slut, and occasionally wears no top, and just covers up with her jacket. She is quite the beauty queen, as most people find her very attractive. However, it is possible that she has problems with her brain, as she has a crush on Wario. In fact, she has made out with him several times. It is a bit disturbing that she would kiss Wario, but she most likely hasn't seen very many men if this is the case. Mona's outfit usually isn't allowed in most places, considering she wears no shirt, but she somehow seems to find an exception as to looking so good while wearing it. She must have to take good care of her body to mantain such good shape. She has done some modeling work for Mushroom Kingdom magazines, and while getting a hold of some of Mario's secrets, it is revealed that he thinks she is hot. This could be one more reason why Mario and Wario hate eachother