Pretty bloody unoriginal name, eh?
Glenys, upon arriving at Wetcliff

Wetcliff is a town hidden behind a waterfall, and a prominent location in Nowhere in Particular. It is one of the few remaining human settlements in the wintry continent of Creaderm, and often considered the most successful by the other settlements due to how infrequently monster attacks can be.




Wetcliff is located near the source of the Drift River; in fact, it is actually directly under the river, due to being built into the cliff underneath a waterfall that makes up one of the northern parts of the river. It is rather isolated, as the cliff is entirely surrounded by dense and snowy forests on one side and several miles of rock on the other, but this means it is almost never attacked by the hostile monsters roaming the countryside thanks to its impressive camouflage. Due to the town's very vertical nature, its inhabitants find themselves navigating a variety of staircases and ladders in order to go to other buildings. The town has docks, despite the lack of actual sailing vessels in the town, in order to accommodate for the inhabitants' heavy reliance on fish as sustenance and a primary export.


The inhabitants of Wetcliff are a bit quirky due to so much time spent separate from the outside world. They have a bad habit of showing mildly ignorant tendencies sometimes, especially around outsiders, but they often mean well and will always lend a hand to those in need without a second thought. The majority of their meals consist of fish and vegetables, and meats of other animals like rabbits and deer are a luxury thanks to the monsters that make their homes in the woods outside of town. What little trade the town participates in primarily consists of the exporting of fish (which the town has an overabundance of thanks to their location on the river) and ore (which is also easily accessed by mining deeper into the cliffside). Most of the town's inhabitants are fishers and miners, with some instead choosing to pursue careers as blacksmiths or farmers. Hunters are incredibly rare, and adventurers even rarer.


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