Wernera by drebbles
art by Dr. Drebbles (tbc)
Current Age 17 (from the future)
Not born yet (present time)
Date of Birth March 12th
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Puzzles, card games, ice cream, her scarf, sitting alone, carrots
Mispronouncing different languages, having little space for herself, speaking too much, grabbing attention, coconuts
Height 5'05"
First Appearance The Children Program: Generation Z
Wernera is the daughter of Clair Sentient and Raja, being one of many future children introduced in The Children Program: Generation Z. Wernera speaks a lot and chatters constantly despite stuttering a lot and having a difficult time speaking coherent English. What Wernera lacks in social talent is made up for with her incredible wit, with puzzle games and card games barely able to test her fast-thinking mind and quizzes almost never overcome her brain. She can read many languages but has trouble pronouncing them and as such can look like a doofus to the rest of the team, but others often quickly understand what they can make out from her speech impediments. Wernera often thinks her solutions aloud, which can result in places she's in to be quite noisy with either curiosity or annoyance. Her twin is Brock.

Unlike several of the other children, Wernera can come off as rude and perhaps bitter, especially when distracted from her work which causes her mind to forget what it was doing. She reserves her nicest words for those that respect her privacy and her ways of working out things, and reserves her worst for those that annoy her on a near-daily basis. With her incredibly fast reading and problem-solving process, she can figure out old scripts really fast and answer almost any question like it was no big deal. She is formidable when it comes to her intelligence, which is reflected in her battling style by being able to detect ways to befall enemies super quickly and lead the team towards taking them all down. She was brought to the present timeline by Minute with the other children, where she quickly befriended the rest of the cast despite her often-rude nature.


Wernera can get quite talkative when approached, talking about her stuff in full detail but can quickly show frustration if she sees that her partner doesn't care or tries to interrupt her, and gets quite nasty when her way of thinking is disrupted. She prefers to spend most of her time alone, but when she sees someone she can't really help but start talking. While she likes to talk, she doesn't want to leave her activities behind so she never wants to talk too long. Giving her a puzzle to solve will often quiet her down for a period of time, but any simple puzzle can be completed quickly with her great intelligence. Wernera is super fond of challenges and will spring to the occasion when given a difficult one, and she will eagerly take it and try to complete it. She will get rather down if she can't succeed, but any success will bring her to get all braggy and bouncy.

Other than this, however, not much is really known about Wernera as she doesn't express herself very often. Her weakness is ice cream, however.

Relationships with other characters

Clair Sentient

Wernera's mother had been quiet around her because her daughter rarely expressed interest in talking to her, often preferring to do puzzles and exercise her brain. Clair didn't like that too much even though Sentient had encouraged her to do such. Despite their differences and general silence, they do get along and they love each other, and Sentient hopes that one day they'll be able to talk without having difficulties.



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