Badass wolf by amy
Art of Werine by Amy
Current Age 22
Date of Birth November 15th
Gender Female
Species Zaxinian Kittuman / Demon
Current Status Alive
Going hunting, scavenging food, devouring humans, intimidating enemies, eating food off the floor, kicking ass, breakdancing, watching bad horror movies, hanging out with Valerie's friends
Silver Zin, her food being hard to chew through, her mother, the thought of giving birth, acting like a human being
Height 5'07"
First Appearance Fame & Fate
 Werine is a wolf/human hybrid roaming around the Zaxinian Lifts, under the care and supervision of Valerie. Werine holds powerful links to the moon and is of darkness and wind elements, able to use them at her advantage.

Physical Description

Werine is quite tall, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches, and has a slightly darkened skin tone. Scars are visible and are in quite many places, and her clothing is nothing but rags for the most part. Her hair is dark grey, makes up the ears, and flows down to her front. Alongside aggressive red eyes, she has black wings that have the touch of leather.


Werine was born into a cult of were-demons much like herself, specifically being born in the Theta tribe. She had been raised as a warrior with benefits, trusted to lead a "pack" in missions regarding hunting down prey and seeking out mates. Her loyality was super strong, with her firmly protecting her cult leader, Luna, at all costs. When prowling the hills and woods, she always carried an aggressive personality and behavior, always being on the lookout for powerful foes. As women were the important members of were-demon societies, Werine played a role by setting an example of a key warrior, easily aiding her teammates in how to beat up their opponents.

It wasn't until a major war happened when Werine got separated from everyone, including Luna, whom she began developing an extremely powerful bond with at the time. She took a fatal blow from a were-demon from another tribe, who quickly overpowered her and left her to die. In the midst of the commotion, Werine dragged herself to the city in hopes of finding help and getting someone to get her back to her tribe. She ended up stumbling upon the city hall, where she found Valerie Heartgold about to exit the building after giving off a major speech. The two very quickly became friends and she ended up living in her building in order to recover before heading back to her tribe.


Werine is very quiet, so it's hard to make much out of what she says. She is capable of speaking, but she prefers to go by mute means. When being attacked, she becomes extremely aggressive and never stops attacking until either she's dead or her opponent is. If her friends are in danger, she doesn't help them unless they're actually too injured to fight. It's said that she doesn't help them if they're capable of fighting because she wants them to try and obtain their own self defense.


Werine's most obvious abilities are scratching and flying judging by appearance, but her claws are much more than looks. The scratching isn't exactly incredible in power level, but it's certainly strong, able to create nasty gnashes in human skin. Her glares are capable of intimidation and paralyzing the opponent temporarily, allowing for a chance to run away from them. Lastly, her bite isn't very strong, but once she latches on, she won't let go unless something very powerful forces her off.

When the moon is out and when the skies are dark, Werine becomes very aggressive, and her eyes are nothing but red.  By "boiling" moonlight into Red Energy for her body, she becomes very hot to touch and her attacks multiply by a tenfold.  The more moonlight that Werine takes in, the more aggressive she becomes, and the more distant she is from the world.  If her body is filled everywhere with the Red Energy, she loses her morals and will attack anyone and anything that she sees.

Relationship with Other Characters


Werine likes Valerie a lot thanks to her rich and clean home, and enjoys her personality, taking most chances to be around her. If Valerie is in any kind of trouble, she'll try and help defend her.



  • Werine was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, but was moved by the creator for simply being "out of place" with the universe.
    • The original art was made by Atomic1upchickia from the same wiki.