You followed me here?... I trought so. I never thinked that i can do it. But now, as you screwed all my plans, i must take these things in my hands.

Full Name Wenst
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Location  ???
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Magic
Ability/ies Able to use magic
Latest Appearance Dashed Koopa: Saviour of the Stars
Wenst is a character and main villain in RPG game Dashed Koopa: Shadow Adventure. He is a member of Bagahur species, but instead of others of his species, he know magic.


Wenst is calm and patient, but is also cold and cruel. He thinks that fight not solves problems, but makes them more. Because of that, he is almost never shown fighting. He also call people most of time "pathetic".


Trought Bagahur species mostly dodges magic, and don't use it, he use it to cause chaos. He can use all types of magic, and in highest ranking (as he can burn a village in one use of Fire).


As a member of Bagahur species, he have blue skin. His body parts cannot be seen (except arms), as they are cloacked. He wears a purple-blue coat with his sign on middle of it. He also have spiky red-orange hairs.


Dashed Koopa: Shadow Adventure

In the game, he is the main villain. He is fought only in final part of game. He is first encoutered in Bagahur Village, where he showed his ability to use magic as he used Fire to burn the village. Dashed and Zen Guy challenged him for fight, but he refused as they are "pathetic". Just before coming into The Palace of Light, he used Thunder to stop heroes from coming inside.



  • Trought he seems to be Dashed's strongest enemy, he is not. Commander Koopa is.