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Full Name Wenlock
Location London
Family and Relations
Mandeville - Best Friend
Ability/ies Rainbow powers
Wenlock is the official mascot of the London 2012 Olympic games. He is friends with Mandeville, the Paralympics mascot.


The appearance of wenlock is based off many things in london. His head is shaped like a podium, having 3 spikes, like 1st, 2nd and 3rd. His eye represents a camera recording the games. On the middle spike, there is a shape with a "W" in, representing the taxi headlamps seen in london. On his arms, he has friendship bracelets. They are in the colours of the olympic rings (which represent the regions competing in the olympics.) On his stomach, there is the London 2012 Logo, with lines pointing at it, representing the world coming to the London 2012 games.


Super Fighting World

Wenlock is an unlockable character in this. He is unlocked by playing 80 matches. The athletics track is unlocked when he is. A chocolate bar shaped like him is an item, which replenishes the user's health.

Moonlight Smash

Moonlight Smash has Wenlock and Mandeville as one starter character.

Omätlig Episk Olympiska

In OEO, Wenlock is a starter allrounder. Gold Wenlock is unlocked by beating him in Judo.


Wenlock and Gold Wenlock star in OSSAWUTT IN POLEESLAND. They are considered joke characters, as all other characters are badly spelt versions of their names, like "Ossawutt" "Towd" and "Eghmon." Wenlock gets annoyed, as Ossawutt and Peekashoe keep calling him "When Luck" as if he was a parody like them. Eghmon turned him into a plush when he was doing gymnastics.


  • He is named after the town Much Wenlock, where Wenlock Olympians Society Annual Games were held.
  • Wenlock and Mandeville were the second Olympic and Paralympic mascots unveiled at the same time.
  • They were made when two drops of metal dripped off a metal pole when making the olympic stadium. A man picked them up and made them into figures for his children. When the kids put them on their windowsill, a rainbow came and brought them to life. They were then inspired by posters the kids had up of olympic athletes.