Wendy (Night of Thieves)
Full Name Wendy
Current Age 16
Gender Female
Location Baltimore
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) FEG 35M



First Appearance Night of Thieves: First Hunt
Latest Appearance Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

Wendy is one of the main characters of the Night of Thieves series and is a very close friend to Micheal and Eric, and is the older sister of Jade. Wendy decides to go on a new journey with her friends to stop Frank and his gang and save the country from devastation. Some sign shows that Wendy may have a small crush on Micheal, but Wendy is always trying to hide it.


Wendy have always took care of herself while growing up. Wendy's mother and father divorced a few weeks after Wendy was born and her mom is on a trip to South America to find the lost tribe of the Purple Eyed People. Wendy's mom hasn't arrived back home ever since her trip, but she loves to be with her friends and goes on a new adventure with her friends to stop harvoc from happening across the country. Wendy show somes signs of her having a small crush on Micheal and such signs are that whenever she talks to Micheal, she either blushed a little or breaks a small sweat, her sister Jade is always trying to prove that Wendy does like Micheal, but Wendy is always trying to hide it.


Night of Thieves: First HuntEdit

Night of Thieves: At Dawn's EndEdit

General InformationEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wendy has long, wavy, black hair and also has blue eyes. Wendy usually wears a white buttoned shirt, but with thick purple stripes, light blue shoes, and a white skirt. Wendy is seen with a pouch, which is where she stores her items. Wendy's height is about 5ft.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Wendy has always been the adventuring type. She loved to go on adventures around the city with her friends and plans to go to South America to find her mother. Wendy is also agressive at times mostly when her sister Jade tries to prove Wendy's small crush on Micheal. Other than that Wendy is a caring person too and is there to help when times are in need.


  • Wendy can use her FEG 35M to attack and it usually takes not alot of shots to defeat an enemy.
  • Wendy can also use her Crowbar which takes many, but not alot of hits to take to knock out an enemy.
  • Wendy can use Dynamite as well and it usually takes about 5 seconds for it to explode.


  • Wendy's last name is confirmed to be Dailey.