Welcome to the Internet
Developer(s) Wack Co
Publisher(s) Wack Co
Genre(s) RPG platformer
First Game Welcome to the Internet: Revolution through Realms
Most Recent Game Welcome to the Internet: Ripple in Science
  • Persona
  • Stage
  • Entrance
  • Entrance T
  • Entrance I
  • Entrance P

Attention: This article is kind of based on a Wikipedia article: Super Mario (series).

Welcome to the Internet is an RPG platformer series by the video game company Wack Co. It takes place in a futuristic, dystopian version of our world, in which Barack Obama has become a dictator and made the States into an Islamic and totalitarian country. The series has featured many different characters as protagonists, but some of the recurring ones include Ezekiel James, Jeanette DuBlanc, Livna David, Ayame Kato, Oing Doraib, and Qudirq Doraib. The characters are a mix of elementally-powered sorcerers, transversals (those who can travel between all nine realms), mutants, and mortals.

The series involves mainly sidescrolling platformer worlds that are heavier on the story than most platformers. The characters are usually drawn in chibi style. The game mechanics include the player controlling one to five characters, able to move left and right, duck, and jump. Characters can also gain power-ups, weapons, and Moneys.

The first Welcome to the Internet game was released on the Persona in 2019, under the title Welcome to the Internet: Revolution through Realms.


Welcome to the Internet: Revolution through Realms

This was the first RPG platformer in the entire Welcome to the Internet series and franchise. Its main settings were the United States of America in 2059, and the Internet in 2015. Revolution through Realms centered around an undeveloped sorcerer named Ezekiel James, who gained power-ups and guns to defeat the evil dictatorship founded by Barack Hussein Obama. The game came out for the Wack Co Fold in December 2019.

Welcome to the Internet: Splash into Battle

Originally planned as the start of a separate franchise named Leslie's Mermaid Adventure!, Splash into Battle was changed into the sequel to Revolution through Realms. Its main settings were the Atlantic Ocean in 2060, and television in 2021. Splash into Battle centered around a water sorceress named Jeanette DuBlanc.

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