This is the storyline for Welcome to the Fantendoverse...

Chapter 1: 

  The first memory the kids had took place in Toad Town. All was turning into utter chaos. Hades and Mr. ? were bombing Toad Town from Bowser's Clown Copter. All the little Toads were panicking and dying. Princess Peach's Castle was in complete ruins, but Peach, Toadsworth, ect. were gone. Mr. ? started to laugh at the carnage while Hades threw down more bombs and laughed, too.

  The memories shifted to a little house on a giant hill outside of Toad Town. There was 3.14. He was alone and screaming for help as the bombs exploded outside. Foolishly, he went outside to see if people could hear him a little better. A bomb exploded beside him and scared him half to death, making him fall off the hill and go tumbling down to the chaos below. He screamed as he tumbled down the hill, half-not knowing what the heck actually happened to him...

  3.14 stopped tumbling once he reached Toad Square, the exact place Mr. ? and Hades were causing all the bombing and chaos. They spotted the dazed 3.14 on the ground, moaning a bit and very dizzy. "I think he may attack, ?" said Hades. "No." said ?, "Let him find out where he is. He's not the sharpest knife in the cupboard..." The two villains waited not more than five seconds for 3.14 to get up, moan, look around a second, moan again, and look up at Mr. ? and Hades in horror. "Want me to take care of him?" asked Hades. "No." said ?, "Not really worth it. Allow me..." Then, Mr. ? jumped out of the Clown Copter and started fighting 3.14...

  After a pretty short battle, Mr. ? fainted, making Hades retreat in his Clown Copter. Before he fled, Hades said, "Our paths will cross again! (Hopefully...)" Then, all the remaining Toads came out of their houses and out of the forests and out of everywhere and cheered for 3.14, for he was a hero. A little worried that the Toads would attack him, 3.14 ran away.

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

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