This is an article by Omega Games. Unless your the president, founder, an employee, or my friend, you cannot edit this article. Welcome to Waluigiville was going to be a game for the Wii U, but it's now for the Omega X because this game has been abandoned by the creator. This is the first game to have Waluigi in the spotlight (although Wario makes an appearance).


Waluigi is running to Wario's house. Suddenly he stops, and introduces himself. He then continues running to Wario's house, and he introduces Wario. Wario then reveals that Waluigi got mail. Waluigi then precedes to open the letter, revealing that Waluigi finally got the town he wanted! Waluigi then packs up his stuff, and Wario drives him to the airport. Waluigi is then on the flight, he has to go to the bathroom. The controls are then explored, so Waluigi can go to the bathroom. After he finishes, he gets out and finds a very angry Wemblington, the person who was going to buy the town, but Waluigi gathered the money to beat him. Wemblington decides to take revenge. He completely demolishes the town, so Waluigi has to rebuild it from scratch, he decides to ask the town's citezens for money. First he goes to a little girl, who is being attacked by a giant monster! Waluigi saves her, and she is grateful, she then introduces herself as Cindy, She agrees to help Waluigi by giving him tips when needed.

She then reveals that Wemblington flooded the town with monsters to get revenge on Waluigi, Waluigi then decides to rebuild the town so he can have his money's worth!



  • Waluigi - Wario's brother who bought a town.
  • Cindy - A little girl who serves as Waluigi's ally.
  • Wario - Waluigi's brother who sends him mail throughout the game.
  • Wemblington - The main villain, he is Waluigi's rival.


  • Bobert - A fat shopkeeper who sells Waluigi items.
  • Abby - Cindy's mother who runs the Pet Store.
  • Mona - Wario's girlfriend who sends Waluigi letters.
  • Townsfolk - The subject of Waluigi's quest.
  • X - Waluigi's secret crush who can be obtained as a picture.


There are 7 quests in each world, 5 required and 2 optional. Waluigi must carry out a certain task or fight a boss to get money from the quest host.

  • = Optional

Area 1 - Town Square

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Giver Reward
Carrot Catcher Stop the Rabbit from stealing the carrots! Stomp on him to make him drop the carrots! Aggie $120
Find My Hat! Help find Bobert's hat! Can you find it around the town? Bobert $140 and Access to Bobert's shop.
Baseball Diamond* Find the four bases for the kids to play baseball! Jack and Joe $10
Hide and Seek Maze That rabbit's at it again! This time he's taken some valuable jewels and fled into a maze! Madame Perfume $200
A Knight Needs Shining Armor!* Mr. Bumblebeen needs to have his Knight's armor cleaned! Find The sponge and soap! Mr. Bumblebeen $300
Spring Up and Take It Waluigi must use the Trampolines to grab CIndy's cat that got stuck in the trees! Cindy A New Move, Card Shruiken.
Sir Waluigi Slays the Dragon Waluigi must defeat the dragon to get the hoard! Cindy


Area 2 - Sauna Bay

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Giver Reward
Rabbit's Gone Swimming That rabbit's stolen a boat! Help Waluigi catch him! Boat Salesman $200
Ashore* Help the Dolphin get back into the sea! Dolphin $350
Beneath the Sea Waluigi dives into the sea to retrieve treasure. Captain Rake $200

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